Discover a healthy lifestyle that will help you to be happy at your work place, feel good both physically and mentally and contribute to the environment. These are the values we transmit to our hotels.

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Happy People who work contentedly

“Work, perseverance and sacrifice” have been the constant watchwords of Dani Molina on his rise to first place in the Aquathlon World Championship and to second place in the World Paratriathlon Event for disabled athletes. But while winning these titles has

been a real accomplishment, they cannot compare to his biggest challenge in life: almost two decades ago, when he was 22 years old, he lost his right leg below the knee

in a motorcycle accident. Everything changed, and sports and competition became a way of life.

And if you recharge your batteries at the end of the day instead of the start?

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Dani Molina, moved by sport and ambition

     Ways of working have evolved in recent years because of new collaborative systems of roduction. A new order of priorities places more value on results that cannot be measured in the short term and focuses company transformation on ‘empathy’, or the capacity to understand and work for the wellbeing of people.

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Charging your energy levels as soon as you wake up, before taking on the day, makes sense. But recharging your batteries after having run them down wouldn’t be a bad idea either. In

the evening you plug in your phone, letting it recover from the long working day. Why not do the same with body and mind?

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