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Coronavirus updates

We are in the midst of a novel and extremely serious situation. Overcoming it will require everyone’s collaboration and responsibility.

All our ARTIEM hotels remain shut, in accordance with current regulations, so as to protect everyone’s health.

We are closely monitoring events and the latest news in this ever-changing scenario. It is our firmest desire to see this crisis through and these are our currently scheduled dates* for reopening our hotels:

  • ARTIEM Audax, ARTIEM Carlos, ARTIEM Asturias: 12 June
  • ARTIEM Capri, ARTIEM Madrid: 26 June

*These dates may be subject to change.

We are concerned for your future travels

At this time it is vital to know there will always be someone by your side to keep you updated on your travel conditions.

So as to best adapt to your needs, we have developed the FLEXMYSTAY concept for bookings made through our website. What does this involve?

  • So you can adapt your trip, we have made our booking modification conditions fully flexible for bookings made directly with ARTIEM before 15 June for a stay during 2020.
  • You can cancel or modify your booking at no cost up to 48 hours beforehand. · Our team is always available to help you via email at [email protected] to answer any request or concern regarding your booking.
  • Upon reopening our hotels, we will set up a dedicated personalised phone line to respond to any queries related to Covid-19.
  • Before you arrive you will receive an email containing relevant information on the Covid-19 situation at your destination, along with recommendations concerning the experience.
  • If you made your booking through a travel agency or third party, please contact your provider to obtain information on their policies and how they can help you.

Committed to our environment

We are all aware of the serious collateral effects this situation may have on our society and the economy.

Ever faithful to our commitment to create prosperity in our environment, we have offered our services to the authorities and our collaborators to work shoulder to shoulder, minimising the effects of this crisis. To date, these are the initiatives we have undertaken:

  • All our ARTIEM hotels in Madrid, Asturias and Menorca have been placed at the health authorities’ service. Currently, our hotel ARTIEM Carlos in Menorca has been put to medical use. · We have set up initiatives such as “Menorquí Km0” to support local businesses, committed to Menorca’s sustainability and future.
  • With the goal of delivering fresh food to Menorcan families in vulnerable situations, we joined the initiative “Tu solidaridad vale el doble” (Your Solidarity is Worth Double) along with CaixaBank, Fundación “la Caixa”, Cáritas Diocesana de Menorca and Sa Cooperativa del Camp.
  • Our team members are involved in solidarity projects in their various towns, like producing PPE for the health services or collaborating with Down Madrid, amongst others.

Have an ARTIEM experience that prioritises your safety

We are working jointly with the authorities and hotel associations to develop COVID-FREE protocols to ensure your safety, without losing sight of our mission to inspire happiness in people through unique experiences.

These protocols will be periodically updated with information provided by the Ministry of Health, and include measures such as:

General measures for the hotel

  • Disinfecting and cleaning our hotels.
  • Training staff teams on COVID-19 to perform their work while guaranteeing both their own and our guests’ safety.
  • Purchasing personal protection equipment (PPE) and adapting our premises.
  • Performing a daily health check on workers as per the established protocol.
  • Reducing and adapting the capacity of restaurants, bars, terraces and so on in order to comply with social distancing.
  • Undertaking analyses by an external certified company of the atmosphere and surfaces in common use.
  • Signposting risk areas with posters containing preventive advice.
  • Availability of disinfectant gel in various locations.

Measures for food and drink services

  • We have reduced the number of tables in our restaurants.
  • If necessary, and hotel occupancy so allows, we will hold two meal sittings or open several rooms.
  • Continuous cleaning of restaurants by cleaning staff.
  • Broadening the range of foods in individual format in restaurants.
  • We will serve certain items such as drinks, juices and bread at tables.
  • The possibility of choosing a menu instead of a buffet service. The menu varies daily and is also available for room service.
  • All kitchen and waiting staff work with masks and gloves.
  • In areas where queues may occur, we have marked minimum separations on the floor, so that everybody keeps a safe distance.
  • Our staff provides the dinnerware, thereby avoiding customers having direct access to it.
  • We have single portions available of those items that are not served directly from our kitchens.
  • We constantly monitor and review the temperature of our dishwashers (>80º).

Measures for cleaning services

  • Our laundry ensures and certifies clothes are treated at over 60ºC using disinfectant products.
  • We do not clean rooms while guests are staying in them.
  • We use throwaway cloths when cleaning after each guest.
  • We reduce the number of rooms per cleaner to ensure more thorough cleaning and disinfecting of your room.
  • At guests’ request, we provide a disinfectant gel and masks as courtesy amenities.
  • We use throwaway mops for cleaning floors.

Wellness measures (spa, gym and treatments)

  • We have marked out safe distances.
  • We have disinfectant gel available on each counter.
  • We provide basic prevention information as well as rules on correctly using the facilities to all guests.
  • We have increased cleaning and disinfecting of counters.
  • We have courtesy disinfectant wipes available.
  • We disinfect the activity material after each use.
  • We have reduced the gymnasium capacity and reviewed distances between equipment.
  • We disinfect the machinery after each use.
  • We have reduced maximum occupancy to 12 people at a time in the spa zone.
  • We conduct treatments using mask and gloves, and disinfect the cabin after each treatment.
  • We have suspended our courtesy fruit and drinks service.
  • We provide our “Gym in a Bag”, according to availability, for those who wish to work out in their room. This is disinfected after each use.

Measures for the reception service

  • We have marked out safe distances.
  • We have disinfectant gel available on each counter.
  • We disinfect all the material we give to guests (room cards, etc.).
  • We provide basic prevention information as well as rules on correctly using the facilities to all guests.
  • We have increased cleaning and disinfecting of counters.
  • Our porter can disinfect suitcases – as available.
  • We have courtesy disinfectant wipes available.

Measures for technical services

  • All staff wear the necessary personal protection equipment.
  • We undertake all repairs in rooms, as far as possible, without guests present. If this is not possible, we maintain a 1–2 m safety distance at all times.
  • We disinfect all areas where events have taken place.
  • In common areas we have delineated a working area to prevent guest access.
  • We constantly renew the air in common areas, at a temperature of 23–26º, and clean the filters more often.

A pause to progress

Over these weeks we have realised that a pause can take us a long way, because when we stop we become more aware of what those tiny things are that make us happy, motivating us to improve daily.

Because if anything characterises the Freshpeople it is their positive attitude and desire to excel. And though our hosts have had to stay home, they dream of welcoming you soon with their brightest smile.

We are grateful for your support and trust in ARTIEM. We will keep you informed of any change and will be delighted to give you a warm welcome at any of our hotels once life returns to normal.

If you would like more details about the measures that ARTIEM has taken against Covid-19, you can find out here.

Best regards,

Pepe Díaz

*Information updated: 5 May 2020