Valentine's Day is approaching and we are all looking for crazy gifts to surprise those we love the most. And that's not bad, but what about us?

We are now coming up to the anniversary of the death of the person we know as the “patron of love”. This international celebration of love and friendship is celebrated by looking for gifts that will surprise those we most love which is a good thing, but what about the giver?

At ARTIEM we are experts in slow culture and wellbeing, and here are 11 points to boost our self-esteem always remembering that the longest and most important relationship we have during the length of our life is the relationship one has with oneself.

  1. Look after your body. Give up smoking, do some sport, take a daily walk and sleep well.
  2. Look after your mind. Listen to yourself, look at yourself in a gentle and compassionate way, make yourself your own best friend. Be aware and prize yourself when you have made an effort, pamper yourself. Forgive others and forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Give yourself time.
  3. Smile and be nice. Treat other people with kindness, respect and good humour.
  4. Listen. Enjoy all sorts of conversations; keep your mind open about other people’s opinions and views about the world.
  5. Be assertive. In 2020 one will also need to say No sometimes.
  6. Live fearlessly. Do not worry. Ones problems are challenges and ones thoughts are trains that that stop at stations in your mind you don’t always have to board at.
  7. Read. Play an instrument. Sing, Dance. Have some hobbies and activities which are productive.
  8. Look after “now” and enjoy it. Full consciousness is our greatest goal.
  9. Be grateful. Appreciate life and all that it offers. Before going to bed remember all those good moments you have had during that day.
  10. Meditate. There are various forms of meditations; yoga, hypnosis, relaxation, visualisations or just simply enjoying silence.
  11. Accept things just as they are. It is a human trait to wish for better things than those we have. But a mindful person is conscious of his or herself and is not judgmental.

And, before we say goodbye, we leave you with this reflection: The happiest people cultivate humor and laugh at themselves, because no one is perfect.

Happy Valentine's Day