Summer is all about creating special memories though special experiences with friends.

At the Blue Spa we have three experiences which are best shared with company….

1.   SPA + LODARIUM       2 hours       €37 per person Have you discovered the latest installation of the Blue Spa? Our Lodarium is a private steam room with a private shower where you can apply a body wrap at the end of your spa circuit. A body wrap is ideal after a spa circuit when the skin is clean and the pores are open, allowing for the product to penetrate the skin more deeply, and amplifying the detoxing and purifying properties.

The Lodarium accommodates for up to 6 people, we provide you with everything you need for your session which is approximately 25 minutes.

2.   WELNESS PARTY      Consult Spa Reception for prices

If you are looking for something exceptional to celebrate a special occasion with a large group of friends, why not consider booking the Blue Spa for a private session of our spa circuit. You can choose the music you prefer and we can add details to make the session more personalized. Individual treatments can also be added from our menu of services for a guest of honour.

We can tailor a package to your needs so please contact us directly to chat about your requirements.

3.   SPA + MENU     3 hours       €39 per person   The Blue Spa has combined with the different dining options of the Hotel Audax to offer visitors to the hotel a day of complete relaxation with friends.

You can choose a spa circuit plus a complete menu at either the buffet of the Restaurant Oliva on the 5th Floor, or the outdoor terrace of the snack bar La Colina on the 6th Floor. La Colina also offers lighter options for brunch.

For further information you can visit our website or call us on 971 15 48 12.