The Menorcan hotel company, ARTIEM Fresh People Hotels, has been selected for the 4th time running as one of the 50 best companies to work for in Spain.
  • The company, which has opened its headquarters in Madrid this year, is already implementing its “Fresh People” culture in the city.

  • ARTIEM Hotels state and foster respect towards nature, the local economy and above all, people, in all possible ways.


Mahon, 8th April 2016

The Menorcan hotel company, ARTIEM Fresh People Hotels, has been selected for the 4th time running as one of the 50 best companies to work for in Spain. The prestigious global research, consulting and training consultancy called ‘Great Place to Work’, which has been identifying the best workplaces all over the world according to strict surveys to all the employees and collaborators of each brand since 1991, has published the list in an emotional event held at ‘La Casa de Mónico’. ARTIEM Hotels has been classified in the category of 100 to 250 employees, ahead of other companies like the renowned as Trovit or Eurofilms. Gabriela Aliaga, people and wellness manager, collected the prize, feeling very proud of people that work in the hotels they manage, the so-called ‘Fresh People’.


The concept of ‘Fresh People’

Happy and healthy people that foster the culture of well-being and share it with the guests. ARTIEM seeks these traits in all their team and, at the same time, promotes an environment based on mutual respect and personal growth.

 Precisely, one of the core values of this Menorcan family business is the well-being of people, both external and internal clients, emphasising the fact that to achieve their goal, they also need a team of friendly and honest people, which transmit happiness and share the healthy lifestyle offered to their guests. Fresh people, combined with other similar concepts and a very active wish of transformation and enhancement has led to the ARTIEM Manifest, published recently.



The Fresh People Revolution

ARTIEM has already become a true revolution in Menorca and business associations; declared as the BEST WORKPLACE on several occasions, for the quality of life of its people, its new work and growth system developed and patented hand in hand with the environment and its sustainability, which are being emulated by many other companies now.

 Everything began with APORTAM. Years ago, ARTIEM set out with an objective of demonstrating that hotels can contribute towards the development of the landscape, by supporting rural economy, maintaining local customs while being an added value to their guests, improving the differentiation and competitiveness of companies. They called it APORTAM, which in Menorcan means to contribute, add or give; a name that perfectly reflects the meaning of this value.



Leaders in Innovation and Integrated Tourism

The Fresh People philosophy is applied in the business’ management. The company’s goal is to work with happy collaborators, for them to look after the guests and make ARTIEM Fresh People Hotels flourish.

Actively listening to guests is a management system that was implemented 14 years ago and permits assessing the needs and comments of 80% of the clients. It runs parallel to monitoring social and technological trends that are analysed as opportunities to achieve their mission.

In addition to Aportam, ARTIEM Fresh People has promoted innovative projects within the sector. In 2007, ARTIEM implemented the eDocassistant work methodology, fully developed within the company and designed to do away with repetitive tasks that do not offer any added value -like manual data entry- and allow employees to focus on more stimulating tasks. In 2012, the company was nominated for the Fundetec Award in the category of Best Non-profit Organisation Project aimed at SMEs, Micro-companies and Self-Employed.


ARTIEM Hotels reasserted its position again this year for being chosen among the 50 Best Workplaces in Spain, an internationally-renown quality certificate. The certificate defines an excellent place to work as being that in which employees trust their bosses, are proud of what they do and enjoy being with their co-workers. Best Workplaces has become the longest list of the world. In 2012, it analysed over 6,000 companies and more than 10,000,000 employees that work in such analysed companies.