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What moves us?

Our purpose

Inspiring people to be happy

You may ask: What is “happiness”? Not such a tiny thing: At ARTIEM, happiness is what makes us spring out of bed each morning. We achieve happiness not pleasure, when we devote our lives to something greater than ourselves, like our family or a project that excites us. Then time flies. It is demanding, even exhausting, yet at the end of the day it fulfils us. We feel fulfilled as people. And that is why “Inspiring people to be happy” is our purpose

But we cannot do it alone. By staying with us, you are also contributing to ARTIEM’s mission: Making people and the world happier.

Our journey


All journeys have an origin: ARTIEM’s dates back to 1993 on the island of Menorca. A journey on which Gabriela Aliaga and Pepe Díaz – the couple who founded ARTIEM – embarked. They were clear about their destination: making a positive impact on the world through a project that made people happy, a project committed to sustainability. 

Today, the journey continues – not just in Menorca, but also in Madrid and Asturias. We will keep taking steps forward. Very soon we will have a fresh generation with Willy Díaz at the helm. Our travel guide? We never venture out without them – our values: trust, self-improvement, inclusiveness, passion, leadership and innovation.

Our travel guide

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We rely exclusively on trusting relationships.
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We are passionate about what we do and we transmit it with joy.
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We are all leaders by inspiring others to do their best.
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We create sustainable prosperity for all, through our integration with the environment.
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We are motivated to better ourselves as people every day.
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We innovate by doing different things to become a better company.
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Meet the Freshpeople!


Our Freshpeople really set us apart. Or as we say at ARTIEM, Freshpeople make the difference! Everyone who works at ARTIEM lives their lives with passion, spreading joy in everything they do. Above all they strive daily to make your stay unique, while inspiring you and others to make a positive impact on the world.


Although happiness is incalculable ... at ARTIEM we are concerned about our Freshpeople’s well-being. This is why we measure global happiness every day at ARTIEM through Happyforce and the Happiness Index. 

We are BCorp!


As the leading hotel chain with B Corp certification in Europe and the third best worldwide, forming part of this movement means being part of the solution. At ARTIEM we are clear that our society’s future depends directly on the commitment of companies today. And we are determined to achieve this daily by being the best hotels for the world.

B Corp companies aim to make a positive impact and meet the highest social, environmental and community standards while making a strong commitment to transparency and sustainability. 

Changing the world

We aim to be a company that the world wants to exist.

Our aim is to make people and the planet happier with every stay at ARTIEM. We want to contribute through our business activity to meeting the United Nations’ 17 SDGs, following the DONUT economic model, which seeks to meet all people’s needs, but within our planet’s limits. 

This model helps us to clearly identify our impact priorities while focussing on the current real needs and characteristics of our operations such as: reducing our carbon footprint, mindful eating, efficiently managing waste and the water cycle, quality employment, equity and inclusiveness.

Do you want to know more? Download our Impact Report or click on each of the areas to see all our initiatives.

Button: Sustainability Report 2022 / LEARN MORE ABOUT ALL INITIATIVES

We are what we eat

Once you realise that doing things right is possible, there is no turning back. 

On our road to ARTIEM becoming an environmentally efficient company, the APORTAM Project was born. This project has a clear social, local component that seeks to integrate local and seasonal products into our hotels’ culinary offerings. We thereby indirectly help not only to maintain the countryside’s economic activity but also its traditions and culture. Results? Enjoy a sustainable, local menu, brimming with flavour, one that has a positive impact on our environment. 

We are working to make our culinary offer 100% healthy and sustainable by 2026. 

All or nothing

We promote equity and inclusiveness, so that by 2028, 8% of our workforce will consist of people at risk of social exclusion or with differing capacities. Diversity means understanding that all the people who form part of ARTIEM contribute value. Freshpeople are made up of people with different knowledge, skills, concerns, needs and motivations. ARTIEM’s challenge is to promote and manage this diversity, attending to and promoting the development of different groups and profiles.

Carbon footprint reduction

Do you know our 8/80 project?

In 2018 we started our 8/80 sustainability project, aiming to reduce 80% of the emissions generated in all our hotels in eight years.

Since then, we have embarked on a plan to switch to renewable energies, eliminate the most polluting fuels such as diesel, opt for clean energy, reduce our supplies and raise awareness among our Freshpeople.

Efficiently managing resources such as water

We efficiently manage the water cycle to reduce waste 70% by 2030. 

Reuse of the water cycle is essential to promote good use of water resources. For example, at the ARTIEM Audax hotel we use the reverse osmosis rejection from the Krivaku washing system for the hotel’s swimming pools and spa. As a result, 100% of the water required for pool maintenance comes from this rejection.

Life on earth would be inconceivable without water. As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Water is the driving force of all nature”.

The best waste is that which does not exist

We are committed to reducing chemical pollution, through efficient waste management, until 100% of it has a new role by 2028. In 2020 we also launched our ambitious plan to reduce water bottles – both glass and plastic – in our hotels. Following the 7 Rs of the circular economy (reflect, reduce, reuse, repair, renew, recover and recycle) we reflect on how we consume.

With people like you

You who have visited us are an #ArtiemLover. You who have stayed at ARTIEM have helped to build a better world. Each corner of our hotels in Menorca, Madrid and Asturias is not only designed and created to inspire you to be happy, but also to make the world a better place.


Thank you for choosing a different way to travel ... Alongside you, we will keep moving towards more aware, sustainable tourism.