Our new smoking policy ensures an even healthier stay, setting up specific zones for smokers. Breathe life at ARTIEM!

Breathe in. Feel the clean air entering your lungs. Breathe out. Repeat over and over again and be conscious of that pure breath. You are at ARTIEM. Our hotels in Menorca and Madrid are joining the project ‘Say yes to life’. Here, our new smoking policy outlines what will be an even healthier experience. Smoke-free spaces become temples to wellness during your holiday.

In 2018, ARTIEM took the definitive step towards improving its guests’ quality of life. “Bad” smoke disappears from its common areas, both interior and exterior, and from every corner of rooms, including terrace and garden areas. This action has been taken to improve its guests’ quality of life, since there are times when one is not aware of the effect of smoking indoors (both for the next guest to occupy the space and the team that must disinfect it).

Our hotels thereby manage to move one step up the scale of excellence to guarantee you a healthy, smoke-free stay.

This project supports ARTIEM’s commitment to our guests’ well-being. Our smoking policy is one of those small details that we care about to inspire pleasure, balance and a healthy life in our establishments. Breathing pure air can be a gift of happiness and we want to share it.

Smokers, for their part, are also entitled to their right to smoke if they so wish. At our hotels they can smoke. For this purpose, in each hotel, we have created the ‘Feel free!’ zone, a smoke-friendly area. This is a space for relaxation that is designed to meet their needs without impinging on other guests that are sharing a unique experience in Menorca or Madrid.

In this way, ARTIEM satisfies all its guests without losing sight of its mission of sustainability and wellness. In our commitment to continuous improvement in our hotels, our new smoking policy is a chance to surpass ourselves and create a better future, without lacking in respect for those who require a smoke-friendly space.

Naturally, freedom from smoke also has a positive impact on the environment. As well as having an effect on improving the quality of life of our guests and the state of our facilities, we avoid the damage and pollution this causes to the environment. In short, this is another of the humble details that make up our commitment to the planet’s future.


At ARTIEM we want you to enjoy a stay brimming with wellness and happiness. Our smoke-free spaces are further evidence of these small gestures that we care about to ensure this is so. Come and enjoy the healthiest experience ever!