Mindfulness inspired, the hotel proposes creating an environment where mind and body reach a harmony.


Artiem Madrid would like to be a benchmark of health and wellness in the city. The best option for travellers who, despite having to be away from home, would like to keep their healthy lifestyle and their training routines. The hotel boasts the emblematic Artiem values, which are not based simply around the concept of a place to sleep, of course, but a complex that promotes health, aesthetics, moderate sport, the ecological heart, “good” food and a firm idea, disconnect to connect.

This is why, in addition to bearing in mind all the guest’s needs in terms of food and sport, we also add the carefully designed decor. Inspired in “Mindfulness”, a concept for which they are known, Artiem Madrid has been designed and decorated to offer quiet, peacefulness, urban nature and full consciousness.


With this in mind, the spacious lounge area, called “The Green” is equipped with furniture and designer pieces following a neutral and fresh colour pallet, like green, black or grey. Simple yet very bright, as defined by the Fresh Philosophy of the renowned hotel chain.

In this sense, Biel Montañés, the architect in charged with the design of the Hotel, highlights the importance of “intervening as little as possible, always making the space pleasant for all the senses, and not only for sight”.


In the same way, he highlights the end product as very daring, in that the industrial and its tactile elements combine with the most modern furniture and the most sophisticated design from a fresh approach, creating a natural and comfortable environment for the guests.

The 83 rooms have a pure and relaxing look that offers the client a true sensation of intimacy and peacefulness as if they were in their own home. A lot of natural light, no noise and total darkness when required, a pillow menu and a superior quality mattress ensure absolute rest for all the guests. The hotel also has a chill-corner, a place to relax at the end of the day.

Urban Top Terrace

The FRESH PEOPLE concept in Madrid.

Artiem Hotels, as experts in mindfulness, foster leaving behind a standardised life, often governed by the minute hand of a clock, and moving towards physical and mental well-being by returning to the present moment and a very wide range of activities for their clients.

In particular, one of the essential values of ARTIEM is people’s well-being, with special emphasis on the concept that a team of friendly and honest people who share this happy and healthy lifestyle, is a cornerstone. Fresh people, combined with similar concepts, and a passion for transformation and enhancement has lead to the Artiem Manifest, published in 2014.


The ARTIEM Revolution

The Artiem Manifest pursues a transformation at all levels; has already become a true revolution in Menorca and business associations; declared as the BEST WORKPLACE on several occasions, for the quality of life of its people, it has developed and patented a new work and growth system hand in hand with the environment, sustainable, which is being emulated by many other companies…

Everything began with APORTAM. Years ago, Artiem set out with an objective of demonstrating that hotels can contribute towards the development of the landscape, by supporting rural economy, maintaining local customs while being an added value to their guests, improving the differentiation and competitiveness of companies. They called it APORTAM, which in Menorcan means to contribute, add or give. A name which perfectly reflects the meaning of this value.