Finally the great moment has arrived! We can announce that on April 23rd, 2017 we will be running again with all our strengths on ARTIEM Madrid Marathon. The most acclaimed marathon in Madrid is coming and our Fresh People Team is excited and ready.

Finally the great moment has arrived! We can announce that on April 23rd, 2017 we will be running again with all our strengths. The most acclaimed marathon in Madrid is coming and our Fresh People Team is excited and ready. 

And you? Will you join this amazing challenge? We want to enjoy it with you and that's why we have prepared an unforgettable package for the occasion: ARTIEM Rocks Marathon Madrid. Why? Because we want you to come and run with us, so you don´t miss anything and live an experience you´ll always remember.

artiem marathon madrid


Our team - Fresh People - is full of happy and positive people, with a runner culture like yours. With desire to live and share this rewarding sporting experience that is coming: ARTIEM Marathon Madrid. Are you also looking forward to it?

We're as crazy about sports as you are

We´re always in search of new challenges that make us grow, of objectives that open our minds and keep our illusion alive. We´re all about sports, we´re all about the intense moments!

artiem marathon madrid

We strongly believe in a philosophy of effort and team spirit. We´re convinced that the most important thing on a race is to participate and we are among those who think that, if we manage to cross the finish line, what won´t we be able to do? We will definitely be able to go much further. We love to share unique, fun adn inspiring experiences with people that have that "cool" vibe. Ye, like you! That's why we encourage you to dare ad face the Madrid 2017 marathon!

Challenges motivate us and one of our mottos is: "Never settle for less than what you are capable of". What do you think? Do you agree? If thinking about the combination of effort + fun + satisfaction gives you goosebumps and draws a huge smile in your face, don´t hesitate and get ready to enjoy ARTIEM Marathon accommodation your special stay with us: ARTIEM Rocks Marathon Madrid. 

How does our team live the runner culture?

Many of the members of the Fresh People Team know, from their own experience, what it feels like to be in your shoes. We have participated in several editions of Half Menorca, the triathlon par excellence that is celebrated in the wonderful island that saw ARTIEM Hotels born. That's why have sports on our DNA!



Our team is full of experienced athletes, some amateurs and even some Iron Man finishers. But the important thing for us is to achieve, together, the same success: crossing the finish line.

As we have mentioned many times before, "each step is a new goal and each goal a new step". The important thing is the way, to participate and reaching the finish line!


Next goal in sight: Madrid´s Marathon; sign up to run with us! Book your special stay ARTIEMRocks Marathon Madrid 2017


artiem marathon madrid


Madrid's Marathon has become much more than just a race since its birth in 1978. It's a great sporting event, as emblematic as fun, in which adrenaline and rock run through the veins of each athlete.

Have you lived it? What do you remember? Are you looking forward to running Madrid´s Marathon for the first time? It's truly amazing... Imagine, an incredible course - La Puerta de Alcalá, La Cibeles, La Puerta del Sol, El Retiro, among other highlights - of a city as spectacular as Madrid, enlivened with live music shows, in addition to the heat of the public cheering for you... If all of this doesn´t motivate you to run and reach the goal… what will?

Which length will you pick, runner?

Maybe you'll want Marathon Madrid to be your first race, and start “easy” with the 10K distance to try to see how it goes. Maybe you just want to run an easy test together with your friends in an incredible atmosphere… Bingo!

Or, in the other hand, maybe you´re already at that point where you´ve told yourself: "come, come on, this is the year to go all in and run the full marathon!", and you're already training thoroughly to run the 42'2K.

But what if you're somewhere in between the previous two? Then the challenge of the half marathon is for you.

Be that as it may, you will be participating in more than just a race: ARTIEM Marathon Madrid is the great celebration of running. We won't miss the date and we want you to come run with us. 

artiem marathon madrid

Marathon Madrid finally has its own gold award!

EDP ROCK 'N' ROLL MADRID MARATHON & 1/2 received a well-deserved award a few months ago: the Gold Label. What is it? The highest award for excellence awarded by the IAAF (world's highest athletic organism), which places marathon Madrid, officially, among the best races on the planet, such as New York, London or Berlin. Quite a list to be part of… And you will live it!

What will Marathon Madrid 2017 bring us?

This year marks Rock'n'Roll Marathon Series 20th birthday, so a special feeling´s in the air... A huge event is about to take place… Yes! A party atmosphere for both spectators and participants, with ceheerleaders and 18 bands playing live music along the marathon´s course.

The event is so amazing that there´s even a party held the day before the race… the Pasta Party! An activity within the EXPODEPOR fair, which will take place on the 21st and 22nd of April at IFEMA. So, what´s cooking in Pasta Party? (besides pasta….). Each registered runner will be able to taste an energetic dish to have enough energies for the effort that is coming. The Sports Fair (EXPODEPOR) is a mandatory visit for all marathon participants in Madrid. Why? Because this is the place where you´ll have to collect your number-chip, bag, a gift and the official shirt. And sincer you´re there, stay a bit and enjoy the most important event in urban athletics!

In addition to overcoming your own challenge and having fun, it´s also truly inspiring to know that you´re contributing to a good cause, doesn´t it? As every year, the funds raised with the Madrid Marathon will be donated to different charitable causes of development cooperation, sports for the social integration of people with disabilities, and promotion of sports and athletics.

Anything else to highlight? Some services like these:

  1. Hares: with the guide balloons that mark running paces you will easily get oriented along the route of the Madrid marathon.
  2. Fruit supply: if, while you run, suddenly you need a boost of energy, don't worry! You can go to the points where fruit will be provided.
  3. Last-gen dorsal (MYLAPS BigTap): behind your bib you will find a chip that will record the exact time of your race.


As we said, like you, at ARTIEM Madrid we are crazy about sports and healthy living…! We feel an authentic passion for sports challenges like Marathon Madrid and for sharing them with people with our same Fresh People spirit.

Are you one of those? Do you want to join us for Madrid´s Marathon? In that case, don´t stay halfway and complete your runner experience so that it´s perfect. How? Easy! Just reserve a especially designed package with us: ARTIEM Rocks Marathon Madrid 2017. It's unique!

What makes "ARTIEM Rocks Marathon Madrid" an irresistible package?

We want to make you happy! Our goal is to increase your levels of endorphins, accompany you in this race and offer you a life experience that touches your heart. That´s why we have thought it so it doesn´t lack any detail. Check everything that´s included and join us!

  1. Special reception: feel welcome from your arrival.
  2. Early Boost/healthy breakfast to face the big day with all the necessary energy.
  3. Picnic bag: a snack for the race!
  4. Transfer to the race area & back to the hotel: we want to be close to you when facing the challenge together. Remember: Let's run together!
  5. Recovery lunch on the terrace of the slow area: a moment to recover strength and share the experience you´ve lived.
  6. Late check out: We don´t want you to leave in a hurry, you can stay until 5:00 pm and enjoy the day

artiem marathon madrid

And there´s still enjoy more to enjoy if you come to ARTIEM Madrid!

We are experts in training away from home and we know how important it can be for you to keep your training routine during your stay. Therefore, if you book at ARTIEM  Madrid you will find all the spaces, exercise tables and equipment to be able to practice them outside your home. ;)

And if that wasn´t enough, you will wake up every day with a healthy breakfast, ideal to feel energetic and give everything in the Madrid marathon. At ARTIEM Madrid we have breakfast with energy in our plates and smiles in our faces. Convinced already?

As you can see, ARTIEM Madrid is much more than a place to sleep ... It´s a place where you can continue with your training, take care of yourself, rest, smile, meet other runners and exchange experiences. Let's run together!

ARTIEM Rocks Marathon Madrid, much more than a race ... The whole runner experience!