From ARTIEM, we have some ideas for your New Year's resolutions! These will help you being much happier in your daily life. Discover the infographic we have prepared for you!

We're about to say goodbye to December and, unavoidably, it's time to think about the last 12 months and set some new goals for 2019. Everyone has his own goals, but we want to propose you some ARTIEM New Year's resolutions ideas for you to make your life even happier.

As you probably already know, ARTIEM world's mission is to inspire people to be happy. We do it by designing unique experiences within our hotels but, this year, we want to invite you to go further and find happiness for yourself in the small things of everyday life, not only when you visit us.

Our ARTIEM's New Year's resolutions are simple actions on different areas that have the potential of bringing moments of happiness, positive feelings and, therefore, a lot of well-being. We have prepared an infographic that you can even print to hang somewhere you can see every day in order to remind yourself what you should be doing:

info neww years resolutions

With all these ideas of ARTIEM New Year's resolutions you will incorporate new habits in your day to day life that will allow you to generate positive sensations; if you take care of yourself, of the people around you and of the environment, you will feel much happier.

Once you know what actions you want to carry out, the next most important thing is to be consistent and fulfill what was promised. That's tough, though, so how can you succeed? Here are some tips:

1.     Print and place your goals in a visible place to remember them every day.

2.     Choose realistic goals. If, for example, you don't think you'll be able to exercise five days a week, choose three in order to have more chances of success.

3.     Find a partner; that is, someone to accompany you in the process to support each other.

4.     Remind yourself everyday what your final goal is: happiness.

new years artiem

5.     Set short-term goals or gradually incorporate habits. If you overload the beginning, the chances of giving up are much higher.

6.     If you are succeeding, give yourself a prize that keeps you motivated to move forward with your purposes.

Let's go! 2019 is the year when your purposes will become real! Use ARTIEM New Year's resolutions, and you will start enjoying small moments of happiness every day and end up living a more satisfying life. Happy New Year!