At ARTIEM Asturias we are proud to have been recognised by Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle certification. This certification certifies that our action plan for generating a positive impact on the natural environment and the community allows us to contribute tangibly to achieving the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At ARTIEM, our commitment to generating sustainable impact and prosperity is not merely a declaration of intent, but we furthermore consider it our raison d’être, and so part of our purpose. Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle certification validates our strategy to care for people and nature, along with the culture and community to which we belong. 
Since opening in 2018, we have launched initiatives such as:

  • The 8/80 project, aiming to reduce our carbon footprint by 80% in 8 years, starting in 2018. To do this, we improved the energy efficiency of our premises and rooms, which in turn allows us to maximise our guests’ well-being during their stay. We offer charging points for electric vehicles in our facilities, to facilitate sustainable mobility; and we have a photovoltaic installation, allowing us to generate up to 30% of the energy we use.
  • Solidarity Room. Due to longer hunger queues from the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, in all our hotels we decided to dedicate a room, the full amount of which is donated to Caritas so as to answer the needs of those who must use the organisation. 

But we also strive daily to care for and empower our Freshpeople through professional and personal development plans, benefits in affiliated companies, and guaranteeing equal opportunities, so that each person who works at ARTIEM can develop their capabilities. 

We believe in the power of sustainable tourism as a lever for creating prosperity. Therefore, at ARTIEM Asturias we advise our guests on how to discover Asturias and its natural and cultural heritage consciously and respectfully. To optimise their experience; we have facilities for people wanting to enjoy this land on their bikes, so they can store and repair them. We also offer outdoor experiences through our ARTIEM Club, which are designed to improve well-being by directly connecting with nature. 

Biosphere certification reinforces our goal of providing unique, unforgettable stays while making a positive impact on people, planet and community. 



Tangible Benefits for an Exceptional Experience 

The Biosphere certification obtained by Hotel ARTIEM Asturias is not just an individual achievement, but also represents a tangible improvement in our customer experience. The benefits from our sustainable practices are directly reflected in: 

  • Well-being and Comfort. We strive to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for our guests. From wellness programmes to promoting sporting activities, we seek your physical and emotional satisfaction. 
  • Gastronomic offer. Our culinary offer, inspired by the essence of Asturias, has been designed in such a way that our dishes are created to prioritise local produce and barely impact the environment. We thus seek to promote the generation of prosperity in the area. In addition, by implementing internal waste management plans, we strive to minimise food waste while segregating it correctly.
  • Memorable Experiences. Discover Gijón’s and Asturias’ natural, cultural and culinary wealth, and have unique, unforgettable experiences. 
  • Social Commitment. Through our solidarity room and collaborating with other organisations such as RAITANA, we help create opportunities while reducing inequalities. 
  • Environmental Commitment. We strive to reduce and minimise our footprint through efficient supply management.

At ARTIEM Hotels, we are committed to making a positive impact, while improving the experience of those who choose us as their destination.

Come and have an exceptional experience at Hotel ARTIEM Asturias, where our commitment to creating positive impact meets excellence in hospitality! 

Discover Sustainable Biosphere: Sustainable Commitment in Gijón 

The Sustainable Biosphere recognition does not only celebrate a hotel’s individual successes but also positions Gijón as a destination committed to sustainability. The city has already held Biosphere Destination certification since 2013. In 2019, it achieved the prestigious Biosphere Gold Destination status, making it a benchmark for sustainable tourism. Hotel ARTIEM’s recent inclusion means there are now twenty-two certified companies, blazing a trail that the city aspires to extend even further. 


What is Biosphere and how is it linked to tourism in Gijón? 

Biosphere is much more than recognition – it is a commitment to sustainability. This recognition reflects our alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promoting responsible practices in tourism. In Gijón’s case, this recognition strengthens its position as a destination that cares about the environment and its local community. Our decision to obtain this certification goes hand in hand with our strategy of aligning ourselves with the SDGs. These are a guideline that constantly drives us to improve our contribution to more sustainable tourism. Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle is a distinction that goes beyond a simple recognition. It reflects how our efforts in creating Positive Impact are perfectly integrated with Gijón’s tourism strategy.