The Blue Spa of the Artiem Audax offers you a guided 90-minute thermal circuit to make you relax and enjoy a unique experience in the wonderful Bay of Cala Galdana Menorca.

The circuit begins in the Water Zone with a shower. We have four showers, each provides a different sensation to experience, applying contrast between cold and hot water. The next step is the hydrotherapy pool of 34 degrees with its two powerful water massage jets specifically for the cervical and lumbar region and stress-relieving. Next is the jacuzzi and whirlpool seats where soft jets begin to massage the legs and back so your body is enveloped in a cloud of bubbles.

Get carried away by the current to the outdoor spa pool so that your feet and legs enjoy a more intense massage on the seats of air bubbles, while the rain or the sun caress you face. Before leaving the 34º pool try the next bubble bench for a gentle massage to your legs and your back.

Now give your relaxed and warm body an injection of energy in the Plunge Pool of 12 degrees for some seconds, before returning quickly into heat in the jacuzzi of the 38 degree Spa Pool, where the bubbles caress and massage the muscles of your legs, back and arms so that the physical and mental relaxation is total.

Now is the time to experience again the bithermic shower, which will surprise you with jets of water spray starting from the feet, rising slowly alternating the sensation of hot and cold, and feel your muscles contract and relax. You need to try the bucket shower where you can choose only with water warm, or hot or cold. A mix of all three different sensations is the best.

Then rest your feet thanks to a massage from the pediluvium; small stones press and stimulate all the pressure points, almost like reflexology, that revives and balances all your internal organs while that water revitalizes your legs.

Don't forget to pass by the shower of essential oils to tone up your skin, noticing the sensations that arise in your body while the water temperature is changing and the properties of the oils penetrate.

18. Zona de Sudoración con tumbonas termicales

Now leave behind the Water Zone, to enter the Persperation Zone. Start with the Roman Thermal Bath with its temperature not too hot and the right touch of steam, sit on the bench of warm stones and feel your skin breathe and hydrate.

Baño Turco

Then cool off with a cold shower before entering the Turkish Bath and enjoy a true immersion in a cloud of vapor that slowly opens the way for the purification of your skin, and opens your sinuses thanks to the scent of eucalyptus that perfumes the environment. Then again the shower of sensations that you already know, to feel again this effect of water, with its change from hot to cold with a stimulating effect to rebalance your temperature and get ready for the next step.

It is time to enter in the Finnish Sauna where a dry heat envelops you, dilates the capillaries, where the rhythm of your heart speeds up and can be multiplied by two and up to three. Lying on the wooden benches you notice all tiredness, stress and physical and emotional toxins from the inside of your body and mind are brought to the surface of your skin thanks to sweating, and then with another refreshing shower they wash away from you completely.

Now feeling like new in body and soul, let yourself rest on the thermal beds. With your eyes closed in silence, listen to your breathing and heart rate return to normal.

If you feel like it, make use of the relaxation zone and private terrace of the spa at the end of the circuit. It is a hidden sanctuary inside the hotel Audax, perfect to end the 90-minute circuit, or spend more time if you choose the 'Spa Day Pass'.

Get ready to exit like new and return to your life with an energy and vitality you have rediscovered within you thanks to the Blue Spa.

A complete Blue Spa experience for body and mind.

Our thermal circuit includes a bathrobe, towel, rubber socks, and for external customers, closed ticket office and changing rooms. For a virtual tour, we have an album of the whole circuit here on our Facebook page.