World Earth Day has been held on 22 April every year since 1970, aiming to raise awareness of how important it is to protect our planet and promote sustainable practices in our daily lives. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Restore our Earth”, reminding us of the importance of taking action to preserve the environment and restore what we have damaged.

To help you take action on Earth Day, here are five actions you can adopt:

  • Reduce your plastic and paper use: Reducing our consumption of plastic and paper is a simple, effective way to care for our planet in daily life. By taking steps to reduce your use of these materials, you can make a huge difference. The reality is that plastic and paper production has a huge impact on the environment, from air and water pollution to deforestation and the degradation of natural habitats. Excessive use of plastic and paper generates a large amount of waste that pollutes our environment. It affects our air and water quality, while deforesting and degrading the natural habitats of fauna and flora.

Yet there are actions we can take, so we encourage you to take them:

  • Use a reusable water bottle instead of single-use plastic bottles.
  • Opt for cloth bags when shopping at the supermarket instead of using disposable plastic bags.
  • Choose products with smaller packaging or no packaging at all to reduce the amount of waste you generate.
  • Take measures to reduce plastic and paper consumption in your daily life.
  • By reducing your consumption of plastic and paper, you are helping to protect wildlife, while reducing the amount of solid waste you generate.

Every small action helps to care for the planet, so let’s start reducing our plastic and paper consumption today!


  • Reduce your carbon footprint: This is is a key way to protect the planet and mitigate climate change. Your carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases you emit in your daily activities. Each of us can take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part in the fight against climate change.

Specific actions to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Walk or cycle short distances of less than ten kilometres instead of driving.
  • Turn off lights and unplug appliances that are not in use.
  • Opt for sustainable, environmentally friendly products, such as those made from recycled or renewable materials.
  • Make sure your home is well insulated and sealed.
  • Reduce the amount of water you use and avoid wasting it.
  • Use public transport or share a car.

Remember, every small action you take to reduce your carbon footprint can make a huge difference. Don't underestimate the power you have to contribute to a more sustainable world and protect the environment for future generations. Take action today and be part of the change!

  • Learn to compost and recycle properly: Other important actions we can take include reducing the amount of waste we generate. This reduces the greenhouse gas emissions produced by decomposing organic waste in landfills. We can also recycle to conserve natural resources. And learn to compost. This turns your organic waste into fertiliser and helps promote sustainable agriculture. These actions reduce our ecological footprint and help to conserve the environment.

  • Participate in sustainable initiatives: This is key to putting into practice our commitment to the environment. One of Earth Day’s highlights is the Plant-for-the-Planet ten km virtual race, which seeks to plant trees to fight against climate change. Signing up for this virtual race includes planting one tree per registered runner, as well as financially supporting the planting of more trees. Participating in sustainable events not only contributes to the fight against climate change, but also allows you to meet other people with the same concerns as you. Join the Plant-for-the-Planet virtual race and be part of the positive change our planet needs!

  • Stay in sustainable hotels: Staying at sustainable hotels like ARTIEM is a way of reducing your environmental impact during your holiday. By choosing hotels that work towards environmental conservation and sustainability, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday while you help save the planet. ARTIEM Hotels are leaders in sustainable hospitality. We have eliminated single-use plastics and implemented renewable energy systems. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Furthermore, we have expanded our KM0 water generation capacity, reduced our energy consumption by 6%, and stopped using water softeners, which was wasting about 300 m3 of water per year and 12 tonnes of salt. When you stay at sustainable hotels like ARTIEM, you support companies that care about the planet and share in our commitment to the environment. Enjoy a unique, sustainable experience on your next holiday at ARTIEM Hotels!

We encourage you to take these actions, because it is our responsibility to be aware and act responsibly to protect our home for future generations. Every small change we make in our lives can have a significant impact on the environment.

Let’s celebrate World Earth Day by committing to do our part to protect and conserve the planet we share. Let’s move towards a more sustainable future!