At this special time of year, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Why not opt for a truly memorable experience that also has a positive impact on the world? ARTIEM Hotels invite you to discover a wide variety of Christmas gifts combining the most special experiences with a sustainable commitment to our planet.

Imagine the joy lighting up their faces upon receiving an ARTIEM box. Not only do they get a unique experience but they are opening the doors to memorable moments at extraordinary destinations such as Menorca, Madrid and Asturias!

Yet the magic does not end there because we are committed to sustainability in each tiny detail. All of our experiences come wrapped in boxes and bags made from eco-friendly materials: recycled paper and reused denim. This means that not only are you giving a gift of memorable moments but you are also contributing to reducing waste and caring for the environment!

And that is not all: ARTIEM Gift Vouchers are designed to suit your needs!

You can choose to have them delivered to your home in our sustainable packaging, or pick them up directly at our hotels for a breathtaking presentation. What if you need a last-minute gift? Don’t worry: you can also send them by email in PDF format. So you can give the gift of an ARTIEM experience quickly and easily, even at the last minute.

This year, amaze your loved ones with a unique, meaningful experience. From relaxing massages in our spa to couples getaways, gastronomic experiences or charity rooms, we have more than 50 ARTIEM gift options to choose from! Celebrate Christmas by gifting special moments that will live on in your loved ones’ memories.



Make this a truly memorable Christmas with ARTIEM! If you want to buy these sustainable gifts and unforgettable experiences, and surprise your loved ones, you can buy them here:

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Happy Holidays with ARTIEM!