Instagram can be a really useful tool for training if you follow the profiles of professionals who know how to guide you. Find here a list with 7 very interesting options!

"How can I manage to practice sports or establish an exercise routine once and for all?" You've probably asked yourself this question a few times. Nowadays, we´re all aware of the importance of living an active life to enjoy good health and be happier. However, sometimes, it is hard for us to create the habit or find the inspiration to put on our sneakers every day. With this in mind, social media, and especially Instagram, can become a great training partner in order to know how to exercise.

In addition to all the sports apps available, Instagram has become a really interesting source of advice, exercises and complete training routines for free. But, as in everything in life, the key is to choose well, as there are many sports influencers who do not have the knowledge and necessary preparation to advice in an adequate way. Don´t make a decision based on the number of followers, but on their experience and training; remember that following the advice of non-professionals can mean putting your health at risk. That's why we've made a selection of the best Instagram accounts to get you in shape with the help and inspiration of true professionals:



Isabel del Barrio, who is behind this Instagram account, is a dancer, triathlete, personal trainer and author of several books. In her profile she publishes high quality content on how to get fit, motivate you and help you understand how to exercise.



This Instagram account focuses on how to practice sports in a healthy and balanced way, creating exercise routines of different intensity and answering the most frequent questions.



Brenda Verónica's account combines exercise routines, nutrition tips and a lot of inspiration to live a healthy life. Periodically publishes videos showing how each exercise is done so that the user can repeat it at home. In addition, she proposes a 21-day challenge to get fit.



Amaya is one of the most famous fitness girls on Instagram, having managed to gather more than 270,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to her exercise routines and healthy recipes. Her proposal is to combine a good diet with daily exercise. In addition, she is the author of two books: "Your plan to get in shape" and "You´re finally are going to get fit".



@Juantjotrainer is one of the best-known sports influencers. This personal trainer, followed by more than 48,000 users, combines exercise circuits along with humorous sport-themed vignettes. In addition to discovering how to practice sports properly, you can enjoy his sense of humor!



His goal, according to Sergio himself, is "get the world moving" and for it he posts advice and recommendations for exercising in images and videos. He complements his Instagram content with more extensive videos on YouTube. All his posts are really entertaining-focused.



Miriam García is a triathlete, amateur runner and sports trainer who shares her own sports experiences, posting tips and comments to motivate users. It's a perfect account to get inspired and motivated!


In these seven profiles of sports professionals you will find the inspiration to get going and acquire am exercising routine. You will see that daily exercise becomes much easier when you know how to approach each training and count with recommendations of professionals. As you see, Instagram can be a good source of information and the best motivation to get started!