Travel the coast of Menorca by kayak and dare to explore the most beautiful sea caves on the island.

The Menorcan coast is splashed with beautiful coves, viewpoints and mysterious caves. The best way to enjoy this landscape and explore the spaces that the sea has opened between the rocks is making a kayak route in Menorca.  

Kayaking in Menorca is the best way to discover the island and its seabed from another perspective, reaching unique places that are not accessible by foot.The caves are the most exciting part of any excursion as paddling into them and discovering great hidden rooms is breathtaking.

There are many kayak routes in Menorca that go through caves that have been formed over thousands of years. Virtually the entire coast of the island is covered by them and it´s not difficult to find tunnels that invite us to go in; however, in the surroundings of Cala Galdana is where we´ll find a greater concentration of caves. From the bay, rowing just 10 minutes to the east, we´ll easily find several caves.

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Following Mathieu´s advice, we share with you some of the most beautiful caves in the surroundings of Cala Galdana that are a good option if you want to make a kayak route in Menorca. The route goes from Galdana in the east to Cala Mitjana:  

First cave  

Leaving from Cala Galdana to the east, still inside the large bay, you will find a big cave with high ceilings. The access is easy and it isn´t necessary to carry a torch as natural light from sneaks from the outside.

The peculiarity of this cave is that in it you will find different shades of colors in the walls. This phenomenon is known as living stones, since this coloration is produced by the presence of a bacteria that lives in the rocks. It´s very common in the caves of the south of the island.  

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Second cave  

250 meters away from the first cave you´ll find a very large cave with a low ceiling at the entrance that leads to a room with a wall covered with a thin layer of marble. It´s a smooth wall, very peculiar, as you will notice it reflects the light of your lantern.  

At the back of that room there is another narrow corridor about 20 meters long. It can only be accessed when the sea is flat, as waves make the entrance very dangerous.

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Third cave: Cova Pudent  

Cova Pudent is the name, according to the nautical charts, that receives the third cave that we will find in our kayak trip to Cala Mitjana. Locals say this is the longest maritime cave in Menorca, about 200 meters long.  

Upon entering you´ll find a long, tall and narrow corridor that will lead you to a spacious room. From there, there is another corridor with calm waters that will take you to a sandy beach covered by Posidonia that gives off a very characteristic smell. If you look at the ceiling you will also see the roots of the trees that “drink” from the humidity of the air.

This cave is definitely worth visiting, although it has a slightly more complex access and it is important for the sea to be calm before getting in. It´s necessary to carry a headlamp.

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These are the three most interesting caves between Cala Galdana and Cala Mitjana. If, on the other hand, you decide to head west towards Cala Macarella, you will find a popular cave that is said to have been used for contraband during the Civil War. The only way to access is to arrive by kayak to an outcrop of land and continue by foot to the entrance. It´s not the simplest of accesses, but it´s worth the effort to enjoy this marvelous place.

You will find many more kayak routes in Menorca; However, it´s important to always be cautious and travel accompanied by a professional who knows the area and the behavior of the sea. This way you will be able to learn from the hand of an expert and safely enjoy much more the experience of kayaking in Menorca.