Discover 5 perfect destinations for a romantic getaway this winter and live unique moments with the person you love the most.

What's more romantic than sharing a couple's wine in the warmth of the fireplace, a walk in the snow or a marathon of movies under a blanket? All this only takes place in winter, an idyllic season for lovers who use the cold as an excuse to be even more united. Therefore, we wanted to collect a series of romantic destinations to make a break this winter and enjoy your love for the world.

1. Menorca

Travelling to Menorca in winter? Seriously? Yes! It´s actually a perfect destination for couples looking for relax and tranquility. During these months the island receives fewer visitors and it´s possible to enjoy it at a relaxed pace and discover magical places in Menorca almost in solitude.


Image: Bartolomé Martínez Jover

In your travel plan you can't skip the beautiful walks through the coves, including a part of the Camí de Cavalls, visiting fishing villages like Fornells, getting lost in Ciutadella, being amazed by the port of Mahón and, in short, enjoying the winter landscapes of the island.  

To to put the finishing touch to a perfect getaway, book a spa session for two at Le Petit Spa by ARTIEM Capri. At our hotel in Mahon you will enjoy the most romantic moment of your trip while relaxing your body and mind.

2. Tromso  

If you want to experience the real winter we suggest you travel to the north of Norway, above the arctic circle, to the city of Tromso. There you will find unique landscapes formed by islands and fjords covered in snow and illuminated by the northern lights during the night. It´s the romantic destination par excellence for lovers of cold and winter.


Tromso is a destination to enjoy doing activities as diverse as chasing the northern lights during the night, discovering the landscape mounted on a sled pulled by dogs, trying the snowmobiles or, of course, the world-famous Norwegian sauna.

If, alternatively, you and your partner are looking for a more relaxed plan, you can opt for booking a cruise. This way you will get to know the small cities that flood the Norwegian coast and see the northern lights from your cabin.

3. Madrid

Out of all the Spanish destinations in winter for couples to visit in winter, the capital is a perfect place to escape to on December's early long weekend. It's the best way start enjoying the Christmas lights and the festive atmosphere.

At this time of the year, the city looks more beautiful than ever with the lighting and decoration that dresses the streets; Therefore, despite the cold, walking the streets of Madrid is the most romantic plan one could think of.


Later, when you feel like getting warm, you can go for some typical churros with chocolate from the San Ginés chocolatier founded in 1894; ice skating on one of the tracks arranged by the city, or visiting the Prado Museum to see some of the most important pieces of art in the world are other very interesting options.

When visiting the capital never forget to check the cultural agenda to stay tuned about plays, concerts, musicals, exhibitions ... In Madrid there are constantly activities taking place and some are very interesting. You will enjoy discovering theaters and museums, the city's atmosphere and all the culture that floods its streets.

4. Prague

Other European destinations in winter is Prague, a breathtaking place that in winter multiplies its beauty. When the snow covers the roofs of the palaces and stains the streets of white it seems that you are in the middle of a movie's scenario.

Prague has the largest palatial complex in the world, with more than 72,000 square meters, so dress up and simply spend many hours walking and discovering the wonderful architecture of this city. Wherever you look, you'll find buildings of different architectural styles decorated with beautiful ornaments.


When you finally get tired of walking, take the opportunity to try the famous Czech beer. Throughout the city there are numerous microbreweries that make their own craft beer. You will be surprised by the quality and variety of styles.  

5. Gijón  

Traveling as a couple to Gijón in winter can also be a very romantic plan as the city gets impregnated with the special spirit of Christmas. Walking along the promenade and enjoying how the waves break on the coast is a breathtaking spectacle that you should not miss.  

Also, if you like to walk, you can get lost in the streets of Cimadevilla and discover one of the most beautiful fishing districts with avant-garde touches. Then, to regain your strength, you can visit Dindurra, a coffee-museum near the Jovellanos Theater with more than 110 years of history.


And, of course, in Asturias you have to spend some time discovering its delicious cuisine. In the Tierra Astur restaurant you will find a perfect sample of the traditional dishes and taste the fabada or the Asturian pot, perfect for the cold weather.  

So, are you already planning your next couple getaway? Use this winter to discover some cities that at this time of year shine more than ever. In addition, you will find the perfect scenario to live unforgettable moments by the hand your significant other.