Finally we get to know the Coordinator of the Blue Spa, Ana, a Catalan living in Menorca for over 10 years, who derived her studies of English and Hispanic Philology to her love for languages and service to people.

Ana, what you brought to Menorca?

I came to the island just to work at the Blue Spa, which opened that same summer at the Hotel Audax. I had four years working as the coordinator of services at a Spa for a great luxury hotel in my hometown, Barcelona. I have always believed that people and opportunities appear for a reason, and as it could not be otherwise, my summer in Menorca hooked me in such a way, which meant a before and an after in my life, because I stayed! And not only to work, but to get married and form a large family live here!

Where has your passion for languages come from and how is developed at the Blue Spa?

Well as a girl, I was always drawn to the arts and letters and chose English and Hispanic Philology for my career. But it was at the end of my studies, during the internship period, when I understood that it was not teaching but learning that interested me! That actually I had a passion for communicating in other languages as a means of meeting people that had led me up to there. So I added the English my native Spanish and Catalan and then added German and French afterwards.

Language brings us closer to the people and that's what excites us the Blue Spa team! People, in all their complexity.

We have a great respect for them, since they are literally in our hands and we appreciate the opportunity they give us to offer them something that nowadays is so valuable: time for themselves.

Our aim is to reach these people and to understand what they are looking for and what specifically can help them.

How would you define your team?

I am lucky to have a super team of professionals who above all love what they do. I learn something new every day from them all and appreciate above all their perseverance and commitment to further education continuously in new techniques and therapies. They are people who are very sensitive and empathic with the customer and above all very honest. What more can ask for?

Do you think the Blue Spa influences the choice of the Audax Hotel for customers?

Of course, a customer who chooses quality incorporates increasingly the culture of health and wellness into their holidays, above all because in their day to day life they do not have the time to stop and relax... There is where a spa like ours plays its part. At the Hotel Audax a Spa client has freedom of movement to feel comfortable both in our circuit, which is unique in Menorca, as at the time of treatment. It has been proven: once they have experienced our facilities, they always come back!