This week we interview Carla Magnani, our Italian therapist born in Milan. Specializing in Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic drainage, she is going to help us better understand what they are and why they are so beneficial to our body.

How have you come to discover Menorca and long have been living here?

My husband and I were living in Milan, a big city where everything is always done in a rush. We were looking for a place to live more calmly and enjoy more nature and human interaction. We were already long in search of the "island of dreams" when we came to Menorca on holiday in 1996. Curiously, on this occasion we were staying at the same hotel. Almost immediately we were aware that our search was over: we loved the island and within a few years we decided to settle.

-How long have been working at the Blue Spa Audax? I have been working with Artiem Hotels since 2005. It was a friend who told me that they needed here a therapist, I didn't think twice, I sent my resume and here I am ever since!

-What you pushed to learn Ayurveda massage and lymphatic drainage? I was studying naturopathy and, within this course, it included a year of Ayurveda, that was not only is the ancient traditional medicine of India, but also a true philosophy of life. What I liked most is that even if you have to know a lot of things, at the same time it is very simple and intuitive. The massage was a way to get in touch with people, very direct, very simple and I liked that much.

In addition, I learned a lot with my first teacher and thanks to him I began early to practice this massage; then the encounter with the master Sri S. V. Govindan stamped forever my connection with the Ayurveda.

[caption id="attachment_2342" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Carla con Sri S.V. Govindan"][/caption]

For the lymphatic drainage, as my husband is a professor of this technique, everything was very simple and natural: with the hand, I am always learning more and improving continuously.

-For which people do you recommend each one? Why? The Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic massage with hot oils that we do in the Blue Spa, is focused on the balance of the person, for harmony. It is for people who want to move something not only on the physical level, that they are aware that a person is not only a body, but to also to be dealt with at an emotional, mental and spiritual level to achieve true well-being. If only you are looking for a muscle massage, then this is not the massage for you.

Lymphatic drainage is a true physical therapy. It acts on the lymphatic system, which is the system responsible for clean and eliminate toxins. Their maneuvers are slow, soft and rhythmic, sometimes defined as "the dance of the fingers" and as follows the same rhythm of the body. It is deeply relaxing. I would recommend it, in fact, all because it promotes the most complete detox of the body, but especially to people with circulation problems, fluid retention, pregnant women, and it is fantastic against cellulite.

All of these treatments are coming from the inside, by stimulating the vital force of the person. The work is slow, but effective: it is a natural process, therefore a follow-up is required and repitition for greater effectiveness.

-Tell us a little about Laughing Yoga We already know that laughing is something very beneficial both physical and emotional. The Laughting Yoga addresses the laughter as a physical exercise, making it simple so that everyone can follow. This method is the only one that allows you to keep the laughter on a continuous basis the 15 or 20 minutes that are necessary to achieve the benefits. I've found something that I can offer the world to achieve peace and also in a way very simple and free. It combines laughter with yogic breathing, for me it has truly been a "life-changing experience", as said its creator Dr. Madan Kataria. Because I, like him, I am convinced that "When you laugh, you change. When you change, you change the world"

You can join Carla for a free session of Yoga of the Laughter at the Hotel Audax, every Sunday morning at 10.45am. Just head to the 6th Floor on the terrace by the Infinity Pool.