This week its time to interview one of our receptionists at the Blue Spa, the baby of the bunch and local Menorcan girl, Estefania.

Having a clear idea from an early age that her life would revolve around travel and meeting people, Estefania has focused her studies and professional experience on tourism and languages. That is how she arrived in 2013 at the Blue Spa. On this occasion she will tell us about her experience at the Blue Spa, her change of diet to vegetarian and her travels.

-Why did you decide to work at the Blue Spa?

After working in other spa centres as a receptionist, I discovered that it was what I liked most so far. The quiet atmosphere, the feeling of peace, the well-being transmitted, especially the happy faces of customers after their visit is very comforting and satisfying. From the first moment I knew that at the Blue Spa, they gave great importance to that, so I was delighted.

-When did you decide to become vegetarian and why?

The truth is that I've never eaten a lot of meat and there had been several earlier attempts. Finally, when I started at the Blue Spa, I decided to follow this diet, animated by the fact that I was beginning something new professionally. It was a change of habits in many aspects and has been for the best. I consider myself a lover of animals and faithful advocate of them. In addition, I think that a better world is possible and this begins by making it something sustainable and less cruel.

-What is the relationship between your work at the Blue Spa and your desire to travel?

The truth is that I've always liked to travel, and I have always escaped at the first opportunity! But now I wanted to enjoy a longer trip, go further... something like "the journey of a lifetime". I have to admit that working in a Spa, has fueled even more my desire to travel. This is because of working at an international and cosmopolitan ambiance, not only in terms of customers, but also by my colleagues. In this hotel, we are all great travellers and this was how I also found my fellow travelers on my last trip.

-What did you learn in your last trip and that you can apply to your job?

On a personal and emotional level it has enriched me much, although it sounds like a cliché. At a professional level, this is also the truth.  Travel to south east Asia is like entering a huge spa! From indulging in luxury Spas, to foot massages on the street, all of them were something positive. The treatment in general, is excellent, which in our country is something everyone should learn.

There, not all the people who perform massage and other treatments have studied in large schools and do not have official titles. But the majority have incredible hands and lots of experience. That is the fruit of their consistent work, the practice and the innate talent. But mostly the fact that in Asia in general, the massages are part of their culture and daily life. Wellbeing, both physical and mental, for them is something very important, almost basic. Let us take note from their lifestyle!

During my visit to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, I received massages from many different hands. Above all, Thai massage, Balinese, Foot massage and Reflexology. Each zone that I visited was an opportunity to try a different massage and I was always happy to oblige!

I can’t wait to get away again and repeat the experience....