We conclude this interview series with our last post for this season!Today we interview Gabriela Aliaga Eberle Director of Wellness and Head of Human Resources of Artiem.

Gabriela is defined as 'enthusiastic' and as such tries to convey this feeling to their teams. She talks about the relationship between people and wellbeing within the company and the birth of the Blue Spa.

What is your role in Artiem?

Artiem is a family business that my husband and I started in 1993 and I have been managing the areas that needed to be reinforced, created or planned.When we opened the Hotel Artiem Audax Blue Spa, I took the reins of this area and its development as it has been a key asset to the hotel.A few years ago the area of people and well-being of Artiem needed a change and I moved my focus on it, and it is the area of more weight in my day to day now. But if I'm honest, the Spa 'is addictive'... Seeing that you can do many things to make a person feel good, is very rewarding; and the search for improvements in processes, products and protocols is fun and makes you feel good. Therefore I have never disconnected from the Spa and I'm still helping in the management of the spas of Artiem (Blue Spa of the Hotel Artiem Audax, Le Petit Spa of Hotel Artiem Capri and the Sea Spa of the Hotel Artiem Carlos III)

What influence do you believe the Spa team has on the welbeing of customers?

One of the most important pillars of the philosophy of Artiem is our people = The Fresh People, and the Spa is sensational. It manages to transmit the customer to feel good on the inside and much more, they provide  much more value in this area because they strive to achieve the total well-being of the client.It is a team composed of very different people, which I think is essential for any team. At the Spa this point can be imore important, since each one of them contributes to a feeling, a way of moving and treating the customer, each specializes in a different therapy and if possible, a different smile. We are not all equal, each has a different presence and in  the relationship between client and therapist each should be complemented to achieve good results.

Not all of us were born in Menorca, but all have been living year-round or 7 months on the island already for many years; at least 4 years so far... and more... like me I've been 27 years in this fantastic island of peace and tranquility. We have created our families on the island, and we live by and for it. There are also a few of us who are Menorcans too!We also have every season with some additional members of the team that comes to learn or reinforce their studies. These are usually foreigners, since there are schools and very good universities in our industry who seek to find centers to work closely and learn work protocols. These members have always been trained at least  for two years in their schools or universities, and from there they can complete their practices with us.

How and when did the Blue Spa appear at the Hotel Artiem Audax?

This story is curious. As you know the Hotel Artiem Audax is in Serpentona Cala Galdana on Hill; you enter the reception at street level, and the pool is between the 3rd and the 6th floor. When we did the reform of enlargement of the pool at the hotel, to put the machines to work, they had to enter through the rear of the hotel making its way up the Hill. Once the pool was completed and all the machines out, there was a large hole to do something, but all was closed for that year. The inversions for that year had already finished, there was nothing left for more!All season we were thinking about what we could do in that hole, we went to investigate and were attracted to the concept of a thermal circuit (combination of hot and cold water in areas of hydromassage, with different showers and also with different temperatures and a humidities area - to achieve the balance of body and mind).So we started with the project and in 2004 appeared the Blue Spa!

What are your hobbies?

As I mentioned earlier, Artiem is a family business and this is part of my hobby; the company. We must devote much time and much enthusiasm; and so I do.And my other hobby is 'my family'. The time remaining is for all of them, and although there has been times that I had a feeling that we weren't there when they really needed it, in the end we have shared many things together and that they have learned what  a family business really is and most importantly... 'they like it'!


My two children are great! And we are very proud of everything they have done and are doing, because they have a long way to go. Of course my husband also, but that has not been my work... hahaha!I must not forget my dog! He is part of the Artiem philosophy. When I come home tired and defeated after a hot day and lot of work, my children have gone out and my husband is giving a lecture... There he is, moving his enormous tail from side to side and with eyes of illusion welcoming me home! We start and finish the day looking for and giving wellness. That is what we want most.