Today we interview Marta, our therapist from Galicia with 11 years of experience in massage and beauty therapy.

 In love with the island of Menorca, she didn’t hesitate when she discovered that Artiem Hotels needed a therapist with her profile at the Blue Spa. She began working with the company 4 years ago and currently intends to return next season.

What is it about Menorca that brings you back to the island each year?

I love its tranquility, beaches and above all the energy given off by the island. I live here only during the summer season and the truth is that during the winter I miss it.

Why did you decide to devote yourself to the world of massages and beauty therapy? What do you enjoy the most about your work?

It all started when I tried a mini massage course in my city and as I liked it, I decided to find a school and start in the world of massage. A few years later I decided to study esthetics, it was a good complement to position me for work in the world of the Spa. There are many treatments that I love such as body treatments, facials, pedicures... but what I prefer is to work as a therapist.

What I like about my job is helping people to feel good within themselves, both through beauty treatments as well as therapeutically. It is very gratifying to see the positive change in customers when they come out of the cabin after a treatment.

Which is your preferred treatment? 

The Thai Massage and Therapeutic Massage are the ones I enjoy the most. Today, people increasingly have muscular problems. This is caused mainly by stress, the pace of life, bad posture and even sedentary lifestyle in many cases. These massages can help to relieve spasms and other muscular problems.

A couple of years ago you went to Thailand to specifically learn the technique of Thai Massage in its place of origin. Tell us a bit about that experience and the process and benefits of the massage.

Thai massage had always called my attention, and I decided to go to Thailand to study there, and thus get to know a little more about the philosophy. I studied at Old Medicine Hospital School and the O´ngs, both in the city of Chiang Mai.

Thai massage is part of the culture of Thailand, it is part of their daily lives. For them it is more than a massage, it is their medicine. Contrary to what people believe, it is not simple stretching. This massage consists of the combination of three different techniques: stretching, massage, energy meridians and Acupressure. In this way, it is possible to reach a complete connection between body and mind as a benefit of the treatment.

Travelling to Thailand was an unforgettable experience, I was there almost two months traveling through the country meeting interesting people, both foreigners like myself, and locals too. It allowed me to grow as a person both personally and professionally. It might be time  to start thinking about my next experience!