Today it’s time for the interviewer to answer the questions! Vanessa Jeny is an Australian who swapped her career in high profile special events and concert touring in big cities, for the sun, sea and smiles of small island life in Menorca.

She joined the Blue Spa team in 2011 and is the only native English-speaking employee at the Audax.

How has an Australian come to live in Menorca?

My family has a house here as my grandparents retired to Menorca from England over 40 years ago. We came from Australia to visit them during my childhood, and I always dreamed of returning here. When I was working in London, I decided as the closest family member to start learning Spanish so I could manage the house. It was the decision that changed my life. In 2006 after 4 years in London, I was ready for a change in career and lifestyle so I moved to Menorca. I live with my Menorcan partner, his three gorgeous children and my staffie. My family visits regularly and I feel we have the best of both sides of the world!

Has your life changed much between countries?

Menorca is the complete opposite of London, but there are some similarities between Australia and Menorca. Both are alike in landscape and climate, with a laidback quality lifestyle and open friendly people. I love the trilingual and traditional aspects of life here. I also like that people are passionate. They work well to live well; taking pride and joy in how they do everything. Balance and happiness is a priority above other material aspects of life.

I’ve always loved to create and share unforgettable experiences that make people feel fantastic. In my prior career I was able to do this on a large scale at big events for the public. Now in Menorca I still do the same but on a smaller scale at a personal level both at work and at home. I love Menorca and the lifestyle so much I started a blog about it.

What is it like working at the Hotel Audax?

Cala Galdana is a stunning location to work, but for me it’s the people that make this place exceptional. I really appreciate my coworkers in both the Spa and the whole hotel. I've gained some wonderful friends who have the same work ethic, sincerity and sense of humor, and who genuinely care about both their customers and colleagues. Guests frequently comment on this too, so it does have a positive impact on both their wellbeing and holiday.

I like that Artiem Hotels has a philosophy to grow a sustainable business that supports the local economy, culture and environment, while offering both high quality holidays for their guests and a great atmosphere to work for their employees. I also enjoy being able to use my event and marketing skills to collaborate with the team in creating spa experiences, and contributing to the Artiem blog, as it’s another channel for me to write about Menorca.

What makes the Blue Spa worth a visit?

I highly recommend trying the spa circuit. It’s one of a kind in Menorca, both relaxing and fun, and more complete than the majority of spas I have seen. We have specifically created some unique packages to maximize our unique venue and offer clients excellent value. Our evening special event, the ‘Summer Sunset Spa’ is in its fourth successful year. It's popular amongst both hotel guests and locals, especially with couples. We have introduced a free membership for repeat customers who are residents called the ‘Club Blue Spa’, which offers special prices on products and services. Our new package called ‘Spa Detox Day’ includes a complete day at the Hotel Audax with access to the spa and hotel facilities, a massage and al fresco dining. Sometimes everyone needs a day to disconnect, relax and recharge in a beautiful setting, and I believe the Blue Spa is the perfect place.

Tell us more about what you write about on your blog?

My blog, peek inside paradise & live the local lifestyle is an online travel & lifestyle guide that shares tips from someone who has come to know the island as an outsider, but lives the life of a local. I write about authentic local experiences based on the lifestyle values of Food, Fiesta, Family & Friends and Freedom. The Menorcan lifestyle is all about quality daily life where you live and taking time to celebrate and relax with loved ones. If I can help people enjoy the best of island life on holiday, and support local businesses and the community, then I’m giving back to my new home which has already given so much to me