At the Blue Spa this year we have had some wonderful additions to our team in the form of some highly capable and enthusiastic students.

Already with some work experience under their belts, they have come to join the ‘Fresh People Family’ for the summer and bring us their specialized studies and varied perspectives from their different countries.

Camilla is from France, Michal from Poland and Marina from the Ukraine.

The first to arrive in May was Camilla, from ISC Paris Business School in France.

Camilla joined the Blue Spa to support the spa reception team and gain further experience in hospitality management. She speaks four languages French and Spanish as a native and English and Portuguese.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your studies.

I was born in Versailles near Paris, but of Colombian and Portuguese origin, 10 years after I went to live in French Guiana. I was brought up in a multicultural environment, with the chance to travel. When I returned to France I decided to study in a school of hospitality and tourism and also went two months of practice to a hotel in Tallinn (Estonia). After my degree in the hospitality industry I studied two years more at a management school, but I wanted to further my studies in this area. Last year entered into one of the best schools of Commerce of France, ISC Paris Business School.

In this separate school the courses and practices are such as what I'm doing now at the Blue Spa. Since April 2014, I am Treasurer ISC Solirace (one of the 22 companies of students that we have), that are managed only by students. In my company we do prevention against AIDS in all France, we have every year an event called the Solibus Tour and going to 10 major cities in France in public squares and schools to make young people aware above all about prevention.

How did you find out about the opportunity to work with Artiem Fresh People Hotels?

I always wanted to do work experience in a Spanish speaking country, and above all in Spain. I was in contact with the Agency Animafest Experience that helped me find the Hotel Audax with my application. I didn't know Menorca, but I was looking at Internet pictures of the island, asking my classmates about Menorca, everyone seemed happy, so I didn't wait another minute and I decided to come to Menorca!

What did you know about Menorca before you came here and how do you find living on the island?

Before coming to Menorca and only I knew it was one of the Balearic Islands, Menorca tourism in France is not so developed thus far... At the airport in Paris they are placing advertising and posters on the island. I love living here and especially in Cala Galdana. Everything is very beautiful, the scenery, the people. I feel better than in Paris, there is much less pollution and people are less stressed. In Menorca there is so much to do; much sporting activities such as kayaking or horse riding, go out for the night in Ciutadella and Sant Joan, shopping in Mahon, and visit different beaches.

What do you like most about working in the Blue Spa?

I love the work environment, I feel very well every day and that since my first day. Thanks to the staff of the Blue Spa and my boss Ana for having taken the time to explain the services and spa products, and present me to all departments. Also Estefania and Vanessa who every day are still teaching me new things, and all the Blue Spa therapists (Marta, Mari and Carla)  who are always by my side for any kind of questions and tips.

What I like most about the Blue Spa reception is see happy people after a thermal circuit or a treatment, and watch them so impressed when they see the Spa for the first time. I really feel like I'm in a small family.

What are your aspirations for your career when you finish your studies?

After my studies I want to specialize in hospitality management or in the world organization of tourism which is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable tourism accessible to all.