Today we interviewed Maria Rosa Casado, our Catalan therapist with many years of experience in massage and beauty treatments. Her specialties are Facial treatments, Reflexology and Japanese Facial Massage. She has lived in Menorca for over 20 years with her family.

Why did you decide be therapist and that is what you like most about your work?

I think it was somewhat destiny, I offered to work in the reception of a beauty academy, but I must have had the notion for it and from there it all started. I was doing workshops, but as I saw that I was attracted the world of beauty therapy, I decided to qualify for an official title as a therapist.

What I like the most is when I see that the customer leaves happy. Apart from beauty therapies, I like the holistic therapies. I try to put them into treatments, we do not simply have to work the physical part of the person. The word holistic means "Everything" that we can not separate the part: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual person. When we achieve an energetic release, we provide balance, harmony, health and overall wellbeing to the person.

How long have you been working at the Blue Spa and what has your experience been like?

I have been working for four years at the Blue Spa Audax. The truth is that I have very good memories of years working at different places. I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of people, make very good friends and each one of them I've learnt many things professionally.


One of your specialties is Reflexology. Tell us what it is and what benefits it has for the body?

The sole of the foot is a small map for our whole body, where all the organs, glands and other parts of our body are reflected. This is why it is a technique used to balance the blocked energies of our body using pressure.

Reflexology has many benefits:

  • It releases toxins through the excretory glands of the skin.

  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, avoiding to accumulate waste in tissue substances.

  • Power the immune system.

  • Provides oxygen and nutrition to the cells

  • Has an analgesic effect (releases endorphins).

Foot reflexology is recommended for all people and if you suffer from any illness it always has to be with the consent of the doctor.

Some contraindications:

  • Acute or chronic diseases.

  • Infectious diseases who are ina feverish state.

  • Infection of venous or lymphatic system.

  • In diabetics by the possibility of changes in the levels of blood glucose.

A few years ago you started to learn the technique of Japanese Facial Massage, tell us what drove you to do this and how would you define this treatment?

I decided to learn it because there are always  new techniques of massage coming out and we have to be prepared for the demands of our customers.

Japanese facial massage is a natural lifting. It is a technique that intensely works the muscles of the face, favoring its natural lifting. At the same time provides stimulation of the lymphatic system which plays a key role in the nutrition of the tissue through its purifying effect (by draining toxins, preventing acne, decongests, ideal for bags and dark circles). This massage works the upper layer of the epidermis, but not only that, but it also reaches the meridians and nerve endings, which stimulate them, provide relaxation and well-being to the body.

The technique is manual and we work with natural cosmetics such as argan oil, which has anti-aging properties, helping against premature aging. It also favours the oxygenation and elasticity of the dermis. I'd say that it is a very complete treatment.

Customers are always surprised at how relaxed they are at the end of the treatment and the result of a smooth, luminous skin. As a therapist, that is something that pleases me very much.