Marina comes to us from Poltawa in the Ukraine, and is about to start her 5th and final year Physiotherapy at the WSSP (Wyzsza Szkola Spoleczno-Przyrodnicza im.Wincenta Pola) University in Poland.

She joined the Blue Spa team at the start of July to bring her specific skills to the team and amplify her experience in a range of massage therapy treatments.

Tell us a bit about yourself Marina…

I am the oldest of four children with three younger brothers. I like to spend time with my friends, play sports and dancing! At the moment my studies take up a lot of my time five days a week, but I enjoy it. Particularly the practical side, which is more satisfying than theory. I speak four languages Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English. Working at the Audax has put me in a position where I must practice my English, so I am improving greatly every day. I am also starting to learn Spanish to be able to speak with some of the clients, but it is more difficult for me as it’s completely different to the other languages I speak.

What is your experience with physiotherapy and what do you like about it?

I like physiotherapy because I like to help people and it makes me feel very satisfied when I see the results after therapy. I worked in a hospital in Poland in the traumatology, neurology and orthopedic area last year and it was very satisfying. I’ve learnt a lot because there were patients with serious neurological problems that required rehabilitation after operations

How did you find out about the opportunity to work with Artiem Fresh People Hotels?

I discovered about the position to work with Artiem Hotels through the Animafest Program in Poland. It’s an international program that assists students with work placements which allows them to complete their studies.

What did you know about Menorca before you came here and what do you like about the island?

I didn’t know anything about Menorca. I knew about Mallorca, Ibiza and some of the cities in mainland Spain like Madrid. When I first arrived I was surprised because the island looked so stunning and I was very excited to start a new life here, getting to know knew people and places. Now after more than two months in Menorca I’m more comfortable and it feels more like home. My favourite bay is Cala Mitjana and I love to snorkel!

When I think of my home I just miss my family and friends but not the place itself. I love the food here but I do miss my mother’s meals!

What do you enjoy most about working at the Blue Spa and what have you learned?

I love working in the Blue Spa, specifically the atmosphere of the Spa and Hotel, it’s a beautiful place.  I like working within the Blue Spa team, they are a friendly group who have helped me in many ways.

Before coming to work at the Blue Spa, I was specifically trained in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports massage, all of which have given me experience working with different physical conditions. At the Blue Spa I have had the opportunity to start learning about relaxing therapies and rituals. This is new for me and a completely different type of massage and I appreciate gaining practice in these therapies.