Michal comes to us from Golab in Poland and is in his 2nd year of studying Physiotherapy at the Vincent Pol University in Lublin Poland.

He joined the Blue Spa team in the middle of June with much enthusiasm for further experience in massage and learn different massage therapy treatments.

What lead you to choose a career in Physiotherapy?

I have always had an interest in medicine and the health and wellbeing of people. I first thought about becoming a doctor, but then I discovered an interest in massage as a curative treatment. What I like about Physiotherapy is the holistic approach to healing; treating injuries in a way that restores both the whole body and mind, as opposed to treating just a specific area or cause.

How did you find out about the opportunity to work with Artiem Fresh People Hotels?

I had a friend from university who came to work with the Blue Spa team last year, Jose. He said that it was a wonderful experience with a very friendly team who were generous in sharing their knowledge so he could learn more about massage. He also said it was a great opportunity to practice sports massage in particular with the type of clients at the Blue Spa.

What did you know about Menorca before you came here and what is it like to live here?

Nothing! I have had the chance to discover the island when I arrived. Truthfully I knew it was near to Mallorca. In some ways it feels like home to me. I come from a small town where people know each other and it’s next to a forest so we have a lot of green there too. I like that Menorca is a natural place, it’s very beautiful.

What have you learned specifically about techniques and working with clients during your time at the Audax Hotel?

At the Hotel Audax there is a variety of clients from different countries with different cultures. In this respect I have learned that each client requires a different kind of interaction and as a therapist I need to be considerate to their needs. It’s a whole experience for the client from the moment they meet you to the end of the treatment.

Also working within the Blue Spa team, each therapist is from a different place, with their own specialty treatments, language and way of working. I feel privileged to work with each of them as I learn something different both professionally and personally.

How have you found this experience of living and working with so many different languages?

I have loved learning about the Spanish culture and the way of life. It’s very different to in Poland. It’s not just the differences in language but the way people are too. People are very open and friendly here, they like to laugh a lot and don’t hide how they feel. This has been helpful to me from the start as I know exactly how people think and feel, even if I didn’t understand exactly what they said straight away!

I wanted to use my time here to learn Spanish, not just to communicate with my clients and coworkers but as way to understand everything here. I started learning words in Spanish from the first day. But I have also had the chance to greatly improve my English too! Every day I learn more and it’s easier now with practice. I like it because I like contact with people and to make new friends. More languages gives me more reasons to travel and discover the world.