The solidarity initiative, promoted by ARTIEM, which consisted of allocating 100% of the room amount to support Caritas, has exceeded all expectations, becoming a nationwide project.

The origin of the Solidarity Room 
The room with a view of a better world.

In June 2020, when ARTIEM reopened its hotels after a difficult period of confinement, we decided to donate 100% of the amount of our first weekend’s reservations to Caritas. This is how the “Solidarity Room” initiative was born, with the aim of helping the people who needed it most and giving them our support in such difficult times. Since then, our “Solidarity Room” has exceeded all expectations, reaching €200,000 in fundraising and expanding nationwide.

Thanks to Cáritas, our Solidarity Room has been transformed into a Room with a view of a better world, expanding the range of accommodations that aim to multiply their positive impact, ensuring that more help can reach more and more people in need every day.

In December 2021, the president of Cáritas Spain and the president of the Madrid Hotel Business Association also signed a collaboration agreement, promoting this extraordinary movement started by ARTIEM during the pandemic. All hotel accommodations in Madrid that include this new type of room in their offer, facilitating access to guests in their booking channels, help to improve their commitment to improving the quality of life of many people in poverty and social exclusion that Caritas serves. Furthermore, Caritas has provided a website for Solidarity Room web space for the Solidarity Room, displaying information on the initiative. 


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Remaining true to our belief in sustainable prosperity and our wish to work towards making a positive impact on society and on the environment, it was when we reopened our hotels during the pandemic that we felt the need to set up this gesture of solidarity and provide assistance to families.

So, in June 2020 when we opened our hotels after a difficult lockdown period, we decided to allocate to Cáritas 100% of the booking price during our first weekend.

However, we didn’t want to limit this to just one single action, and we decided to create a Solidarity Room in each of our 5 hotels to maintain this aid during the entire year. This way, our guests could continue to help more families through Cáritas while they enjoyed the ARTIEM experience.

Today, thanks to our partnership with Cáritas, we are very grateful for having succeeded in developing and expanding the project that was promoted with such loving care by ARTIEM.


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Since 2020, ARTIEM has raised more than €140,000 and helped more than 14,000 vulnerable families. Just imagine how much we could do if more Spanish hotels joined us!


What does the solidarity room consist of?

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It is quite simple: at ARTIEM, as now at other hotels across the country, we offer our guests a Solidarity Room in each of our five hotels, allocating 100% of the booking to Caritas. So those who wish to enjoy the ARTIEM experience while changing the lives of others, can book the  Solidarity Room through our website. 


solidarity room artiem caritas

At ARTIEM, we are tremendously excited about this new beginning and that our solidarity initiative has served to inspire and motivate others. Together we can go further than we imagined, multiplying this movement’s reach. We know that there are millions of caring hearts. That is why, together with Caritas, we will keep seeking out those people and companies with a common goal: social well-being.


The Solidarity Room beyond Cáritas

As well as collaborating with Caritas, our Solidarity Room goes much further. At ARTIEM we collaborate with Triodos Bank , another B Corp company that through its Foundation facilitates a Matchfunding platform – a project financing formula combining citizen support through crowdfunding with institutional or corporate support. The funds raised are used to finance local projects of high diversity impact: agriculture, social, environmental and more.

Triodos Bank has made our Solidarity Room available to its customers. Those who wish can book the room from their platform and choose to which project they want to allocate the money from their reservation. Since starting the collaboration we have raised more than €20,000 for various projects. When two B Corp companies come together to change the world, exceptional things happen.



ARTIEM is the first hotel chain in Europe to obtain B Corp certification, which promotes a new business model based on a more equitable, inclusive, regenerative economy. This recognition reinforces the company’s desire to be the best hotels for the world and is in tune with its aim of inspiring people’s happiness. Since it was founded in Menorca in 1974, the promotion of the local economy and culture has made ARTIEM an active agent in the island’s ecosystem, a commitment that extends beyond Menorca to Madrid and Asturias, with a total of five hotels. To work in a structured way to reduce its environmental impact, among many other actions in 2018 it created the ARTIEM 8/80 Sustainability project, which aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of its establishments by 80% in 8 years. In this project ARTIEM investigates the different technologies available in the market, analysing the percentage of emission reduction that could be contributed to the total of each establishment, as well as an estimation of the implementation cost and payback period.
In the end, we do all of this to further our purpose of INSPIRING PEOPLE TO BE HAPPY.