Discover the principles of Feng Shui to learn how to decorate your home in order to let positive energies flow properly. Reach your goal of well-being!

Feng Shui can be your perfect ally to achieve that goal of wellness your seeking. Through order and space, you can create an atmosphere of peace, happiness, tranquility ... The Feng Shui principles will help you knowing how to decorate and organize your home to create good energies.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui comes from China and was used by emperors 5500 years ago to decide how to organize their palaces. This millenary art tries to harmonize the energies through space and decoration.

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It is based on the natural flow of Chi -or vital energy- which can be modified by the shape and arrangement of the space, the orientation of the furniture and the temporary changes. It´s also fundamental regarding Ying and Yang, which claims there must always be two complementary elements that need each other to exist.

Following these steps to well-being through Feng Shui is easy, both inside and outside your home:

Choose colors that stimulate Feng Shui

Feng Shui recommends using tones that are connected to the five elements: fire, water, earth, wood and mental.

  • Living room: to encourage a relaxing dialogue use blue. For one more lively, red. And use orange to stimulate joy.
  • Kitchen: the ideal color for this room is yellow, as it generates vigor and energy.
  • Bathroom: cold colors are preferred, because they are refreshing and relaxing.
  • Bedroom: blue and green are ideal to promote sleep, although you can use other colors with the same effect such as pink or salmon.
  • Dispatch: to stimulate intellectual activity, nothing better than beige or hazelnut.

Steps to well-being

Empty and order

A fundamental pillar for Feng Shui is order and cleanliness, so it´s strongly recommended to keep the spaces open without stuff in sight that can block energy or attention. Leave only the necessary elements and try to always keep them where they belong.

Wooden furniture and steel appliances

In Feng Shui the five elements are very important. Give presence to wood and metal choosing furniture and appliances in these materials. With them, you will create the perfect balance.

Decorate with plants

In Feng Shui decoration plants are considered promoters of the energies, since they are living beings. Decorate your home choosing those that enhance the Chi: the bell, the ivy or the anthuriums.

Steps to well-being decoration

Place the bed in the right place

In your goal of well-being, sleep is fundamental. To have a proper nightly rest, Feng Shui recommends avoiding placing your bed under a window or in front of a mirror. All kinds of energy come in through the windows and the mirrors reflect it, so they could disturb your sleep.

Don´t place chairs with their backs to the accesses

When decorating and furnishing your home, try not to place any chairs with their back to the door or the main access of that room. It can create a lot of discomfort for the person who occupies that place, stopping the energies from flowing.

Hang roof decorations

Hanging decorations are objects typical of Feng Shui and very common in Asian decoration. These, in theory, facilitate the flow of Chi, although it is important to place them according to the cardinal points of the house to create different types of energy.

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As you can see, all the Feng Shui principles can be applied inside and outside the home. They also help creating an atmosphere of creativity, concentration and productivity in the offices, so don´t rule out considering Feng Shui for your workplace. However, we recommend that you start with your own home to find the health and well-being you need in your life. Once you master it, take it to the your office and share it with your colleagues. Little by little, following these steps to well-being, you will begin to perceive all those positive energies that these practices generate.