Looking for the perfect way to pamper yourself? Or perhaps the ideal healing treatment to relieve a specific type of tension? The wonderful world of massage can be confusing place to enter if you are not a regular receiver of this type of treatment. At the Blue Spa Audax we have several therapists who are trained and experienced in a variety of massage techniques which are sure to interest and care for all needs.

The question for you to answer is: What benefit are you looking for?

1. RELEASE TENSION           TRY: Reflexology or a Thai Foot Massage

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It’s true that a variety of massages will relax and relieve stress in the body. But specifically massages that focus on the feet and lower legs have the double benefit of instantly reviving tired or sore feet, with a harmonizing effect on the rest of the body, by treating the pressure points on the feet that reflect different organs.

2. INCREASE FLEXIBILITY         TRY: Thai Massage

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Most of us know that a good stretch first thing in the morning can feel amazing, and those who practice Yoga or Pilates will understand the power of stretching and practiced breathing. To improve circulation to the muscles and relieve stiffness this is a massage with relaxing rhythmic pressure and assisted stretching.

3. IMPROVE BLOOD & LYMPH FLOW TRY: Partial or Complete Lymphatic Drainage

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Lymphatic drainage is a treatment of gentle pulses in motion to assist with clearing waste, liquids and eliminates toxins by stimulating the lymph system. For a localized trouble spot or the whole body, with more than one session needed for maximum benefit. Is also used against cellulite and it facilitates the depuration of the body, more than any other treatments.

4. ALIVIATE CONTRACTIONS & REINFORCES MUSCLE TISSUE       TRY: A Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage

A therapeutic massage to treat a specific knot may be just what you need, especially after a sharp movement or muscle strain causes residual tension in a specific area. A Sports Massage reinstates muscle fibers and treats the surrounding connected area to alleviate a contraction. A deep tissue massage is ideal for anyone with denser muscles who needs a stronger pressure.

5. REDUCES HEADACHES & THE APPEARANCE OF EXPRESSION LINES TRY: A Head & Face Massage, Japanese Facial Massage or a Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

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Often a headache is caused by stress, squinting or frowning, fluid retention or a tight neck and postural muscles. A specific massage to treat any one of these causes will do wonders to decrease frequency and severity of headaches, and will improve greatly the appearance of the skin.

6. SUPPORTS HYDRATION          TRY: Our Waterfall Massage

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Dry skin is a common problem all year round, but particularly in summer when it’s easy to spend so much time in the sun. Hydro massage is taken to the next level and relaxation amplified on a Vichy Shower bed. A massage realized under the fine, firm spray of water with a therapists hands using a specific moisturising balm. Leaves you relaxed and hydrated, whilst toning the skin and muscles. 

7. IMPROVES SLEEP          TRY: A Relaxing Massage for 25 or 50 minutes

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If you have ever dozed off during a massage, then you know that massage facilitates healthy sleep! An effective massage by an experienced professional provides both immediate and delayed benefits; you walk out of the session feeling rested and relaxed with a great night’s sleep ahead of you!

8. IMPROVES EMOTIONAL STATE & WELLBEING TRY: Ayurveda Massage or Hindu Pindas Massage

Massage as a treatment has been known to transform both the physical and mental state of a person in just one session. Some treatments are designed specifically to do both, and if you are open to receiving these benefits then we have a few treatments to recommend.

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Ayurveda is an ancient massage practice from India, to harmonize the body and mind. It’s a massage of sensations using warm oil mixed with an ayurvedic blend of essential oils and can be for one person or a couple.  The Hindu Pindas Massage uses warm sacks of rice mixed with essential oils alternating with massage using hands.

Or for Chocolate lovers, Our Chocopassion Treatment

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A luxurious massage using warm chocolate mixed with almond oil to nourish the skin leaving it soft and supple. Chocolate is a known mood elevator and also an antioxidant, making this treatment irresistible as well as highly beneficial.

So, there are eight great reasons to treat yourself to a massage on your next Spa visit!

For more information about any of these treatments or to discuss specifically your needs, contact the Blue Spa Audax on 971 15 48 12 or visit our page online at http://www.artiemhotels.com/en/audax-hotel/blue-spa