“It depends on where you are going” I replied. This is the question a driver made to me while I was walking along the street. The situations we find ourselves in are often a consequence of inertia, and not a result of our decisions and choices. Human beings tend to react in the same way when confronted to adverse situations: we think it is someone else’s fault, feel sorry for ourselves, make excuses and often give up. The main reason we land in these situations is because of a lack of a clear vision of who we are, what direction to take, and what will guide us during our journey. History has proven that successful people, business or organizations all have a clear vision. Having a clear vision requires giving it a lot of thought and time. It is not an easy task but once defined one is able to find the necessary motivation, enthusiasm and energy to confront any kind of setback. It is also true that there is one other necessary ingredient: COURAGE; courage to make changes in your life, at work, and to not be afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone. If we had a clear vision we would not ask “where does this road take me to?” as we would have a clear idea of where we would like to see ourselves in the future, why, how we would reach this point and we would spend all our energy and enthusiasm to get there. On a personal level, these thoughts have helped me to further define my raison d’être as a businessman at Artiem Fresh People Hotels, which is to “create trust in order to grow by innovating”. These four words are very powerful and meaningful:  CREATE, TRUST, GROWTH and INNOVATION. Having this raison d’être in mind, helps you visualise where you want to be, it gives you energy and guides you to take decisions on a daily basis.