Make your yoga practice a medicine for your body with these postures that relieve different ailments.

Practicing yoga can help you take care of your mind and also your body. With continued practice the physical effects begin to be visible: more strength, flexibility, balance and even some pains are reduced or disappear. Despite all of this, the healing power of yoga is still unknown to many.

The whole culture of yoga is closely linked to the care of the body, considered "the temple of God" because, as Ramiro Calle says in his book "The 7 Yogas", "a healthy body is an ally and a guarantee in the inner work and in the process of evolution of the conscience ".

Hatha yoga, one of the different variants that exist, is the one that has more influence on the body and energy. According to Calle, "when physical yoga is practiced properly, it gives off benefits in the body, energy and mind."

 Therefore, each of the asanas -or yoga poses- have a specific objective and, many of them, also positive effects on the body, such as relieving back, head and neck pain ...

With this in mind, we have made a selection of yoga poses that can help you fight different ailments:


Lumbago and sciatica: Crocodile Pose

crocodile pose

  1.  Extend yourself facing down.
  2.  Place your hands on the floor, on either side of your shoulders.
  3.  Slowly stretch your arms, arch the trunk, keeping your legs together and knees in the air.
  4.  Project the head backwards.
  5.  Hold the position for 50 seconds.

The Crocodile Pose prevents lumbago pains, sciatica but also improves blood flow, provides flexibility to the spine and stimulates the digestive function.


Back pain: Triangle Pose

triangle pose


  1.  Stand up and spread your legs.
  2.  Put your arms forming a cross.
  3.  Tilt the trunk very slowly to one side and when you can not move more, lean forward until you reach the foot or the corresponding ankle with your hand.
  4.  Look towards the sky.
  5.  Hold the position for 45 seconds and change sides.

 The triangle is one of the most recommended yoga poses for back pain since it tones the muscles of the neck, the trunk, the legs; Stretches and revitalizes the intercostal muscles and nerves and the oblique muscles of the abdomen. With this work, back pain is relieved and ailments such as lumbago or sciatica are prevented.


Neck tension: Cat-Cow Pose

cat-cow pose

  1.  Stand on the floor on all fours, making sure that the wrists are aligned below the shoulders and knees at hip height.
  2.  Inhale and arch the back down, raising your head and coccyx to the sky.
  3.  Slowly exhale and change the position to put the round back up. Bring your chin to your chest.
  4.  Alternate and perform at least 10 repetitions.

This series helps to relax the muscles of the neck, relieving tensions, and strength in the lower back. In addition, it is very relaxing. Save this yoga posture for cervical pain!


Knee pain: Lotus Pose

lotus pose

  1.  Sit on a mat with your legs crossed.
  2.  Place the right foot on the left thigh with the plant facing up.
  3.  Now put the left foot on the right thigh in the same way.
  4.  Rest your hands on your thighs.
  5.  Remain a few seconds and take deep breaths.

This yoga posture will help you stretch your knees and ankles, as well as strengthen your hips. You will also notice how your mind relaxes, you concentrate more easily and you feel happier.


Remember that there are also many yoga poses to practice as a couple, in case you feel like doing it together. It´s a great way to be faithful to the practice and maintain a periodicity.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is that you have a professional who guides your practice and teaches you to adapt the different asanas according to the ailments or possible injuries that you may have had throughout your life. In this way, you will discover that yoga produces even more benefits than you expected on your body and your mind.