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Solidarity Room #OneRoomOneLife

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One night at ARTIEM helps one family.

Have you ever slept being aware that, while doing it, you are changing other people’s lives?

  • Booking the solidarity room you will enjoy the ARTIEM experience and also 100% of your reservation will go entirely to Caritas.
  • Every 10€ of your reservation is equivalent to 1 day of food for a family in vulnerable situations, so the longer you stay with us, the more families you will be helping.
  •  At the end of your stay Caritas will contact you to thank you for your donation #OneRoomOneLife. 


Choose the dates of your stay in any of our hotels and enjoy staying in a solidarity room while helping a family in vulnerable situations


Keep in mind that:

  • At ARTIEM we have been trained in the new sanitary safety and hygiene measures to guarantee your safety and to ensure that you enjoy the experience more than ever.
  • The total amount collected can be managed by Cáritas according to the priorities of the families we are helping.
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