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Enjoy a 3-Day Escape to Asturias

If you're planning a weekend getaway and want to make the most of it, Asturias is the place for you. In this northern gem, you'll find the time to enjoy everything it has to offer: kilometers of beaches on the Cantabrian Sea, delicious cuisine starring seafood and charming villages perfect for disconnecting. And that's just the beginning! Take note of our recommendations to make the most of your weekend in Asturias; before the weekend's even over you'll be planning your return.


Discover the secrets of Gijón

The best way to take on the weekend is with a day tip to Gijón. Cimadevilla is a neighbourhood that you must visit; its location next to the sea gives it a special vibe. After, don't miss the Santa Catalina hill: climb it to check out the "Elogio del Horizonte," an emblematic part of Gijón by Chillida. Still have time left? Visit Gijón’s cider bars or sidrerías to try delicious cider which is poured into your glass from a height. When it's time for lunch, Casa Eladio is a safe bet: it's a restaurant with a traditional menu that will leave you satisfied.

The Magic of Asturian Villages

Charming villages are a hallmark of Asturias. We recommend starting with Lastes, one of Spain's most beautiful villages. This seaside town is perfect for a stroll; enjoy its port and don't miss the Torre del Reloj and 18th century palaces. Cudillero is another that you'll love; this town is full of colour. One of Cudillero's secrets is its lookout points: check them out and discover incredible views of Asturias and beyond. And then there’s Tazones. Charles V disembarked at the village’s imperial port, a moment that is reenacted each year in a show that you won’t want to miss.

Picos de Europa: nature in its purest form

After visiting villages and cities, it's time to head into nature. The Covadonga lakes are located in the middle of the Picos de Europa natural park and if you don't go see them, you're missing out! You can get there by bus; when you get off and look up, you'll be speechless. The intense green of the landscape is undeniably stunning and there are two lakes, Enol and Ercina, from which there are trails that lead you through the park. If you are thinking about going on a cloudy day, leave it for another! You won't be able to appreciate it in all its glory.