Holidays are the perfect time to relax, unwind and enjoy a well-deserved break. But that doesn’t have to mean giving up your habits. With these tips, you can exercise and stay fit while enjoying your stay at ARTIEM.

1. Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities: 
One of the benefits of staying at ARTIEM is that our hotels have gyms and wellness areas where you can exercise freely or follow the supervised classes offered by our instructors. Take advantage of these facilities to keep up your exercise routine over the holidays. Spend some time every day doing physical activities you like, as we have a fitness area, specific cardio machines and even supervised activities. Your body will thank you! 

2. Actively explore the environment: 
As well as making use of the hotel’s facilities, take advantage of its fabulous location for outdoor sports activities. ARTIEM is sited in privileged settings that offer breathtaking natural landscapes. Go hiking, running or cycling to enjoy nature and keep your body moving. You can also hire bikes or take part in aquatic activities like kayaking or paddle surfing. Discover nature and have an active holiday! 

3. Organise short, effective workouts to stay fit: 
If your holiday is a time for total relaxation and you don’t want to spend too much time exercising, you can opt for short but intense workouts. Take on high-intensity exercise circuits or intervals to keep your body in great shape. You only need a few minutes a day to ensure your body stays active. Make the most of your holiday time and keep your body moving with short but powerful workouts! 

4. Take part in classes and group activities: 
ARTIEM Hotels offer a wide variety of classes and group activities combining fun and exercise. Join sunrise yoga sessions, group training sessions or organised sports activities. Meet people with similar interests, enjoy the collective energy and learn new techniques to complement your exercise routine. Make exercise a social and motivational experience!  

5. Stick to a balanced diet: 
During your holidays, it is tempting to go wild on delicious food and drinks. Yet that should not mean that you completely abandon healthy eating. Try to keep your meals balanced, incorporating fruit and veggies, along with lean proteins. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Enjoy the local delicacies, but don’t go overboard. Take care of yourself from the inside out and maintain a nutritional balance to keep the weight off during your holidays! 

Staying fit on holiday doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these tips, you can relish your stay at ARTIEM Hotels while taking care of your health and well-being. Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities, actively explore the environment, do short but effective workouts, practice group activities and maintain a balanced diet. You’ll come back from your holiday feeling fit and refreshed!