In situations like the one we’re experiencing right now we start to recognise the things really matter- the things that actually make us happy. This pause to progress will help make us grow into the best version of ourselves.

Over the last few days we have all started to notice that we’re missing things, like hugs from our loved ones, taking a stroll through the countryside, enjoying dinner with friends, and playing with our children in the park. Now, more than ever, we are far more aware that the things that makes us happy are the little things - the things we take for granted, but are actually essential.

Yet, in this moment of reflection we have a unique opportunity to make ourselves better people.

At ARTIEM, we want to take advantage of this pause to progress and inspire you


What does this pause of progress consist of?

At ARTIEM hotels, we have realised that this pause can help make us more aware of what makes us happy. More aware of what motivates us to improve ourselves every day, because if there is one thing that characterises the ARTIEM Freshpeople, it’s their positivity and eagerness to improve.

A pause to progress helps us strengthen the ARTIEM values, the ones we have held since our beginning and that continue to be very real and present in everything we do:

  • Trust:  in order to bring us closer and be truthful. 
  • Passion and Joy:  in order to make us more authentic and return us to our true roots- those which really motive and make us feel true happiness
  • Leadership: in order to make us more conscious and allow us to make better decisions.
  • Innovation: in order to make us more creative and improve our ingenuity 
  • Improvement: in order to make us stronger and encourage us to give life our absolute best.
  • Inclusivity: in order to make us better people and build better connections with each other

This reflection has translated into ARTIEM'S Corporate Social Responsibility: we maintain our commitment to making the world a better place. And, it’s because of this that we have gotten involved with various social initiatives (both on the brand and personal level) in which we have shared all of our hope and affection.

Additionally, we want to bring ourselves closer to you all and strengthen the community of Freshpeople which we have built throughout many years. We invite you to join the conversation using the hashtag #APauseToProgress and tell us what you are learning from this pause. We are hoping that you share your stories!

Before you know it, you will be taking a dip in Menorca´s stunning beach coves, in awe of Asturias’ breath-taking greenery, or enjoying Madrid’s famous city life. But, remember that only by being responsible and aware now, will we be able to create those unforgettable moments in the future.

Thanks again for trusting ARTIEM. We are all positive that #everythingwillbefine