Three friends, three stories and three examples of growth and effort. We put face to three heroes.

ARTIEM Half Menorca is one of the best known and recognized sports events on the island. This year, in its tenth edition, more than 700 people have shared this experience through which we have been able to enjoy sports and great stories of overcoming and effort that are an example for us.

The ARTIEM team has been proudly participating for years in this race that has carried our name for three years now. The passion for sport is part of the DNA of the Freshpeople because it invites us to set new challenges every day and to explore and expand our limits.

artiem half menorca 2019

This idea of growth is part of our values. We apply it in sports, but also in all areas of our life and work. The effort and perseverance are, for us, the keys to achieve anything you set your mind to.


ARTIEM Half Menorca: growth and effort 

For most participants, the proper ARTIEM Half Menorca race is the culmination of many days of training, perseverance and preparation. It is an essential event in which, year after year, we enjoy the stories of runners that move us and inspire us.

In this edition we were fortunate enough to share a beautiful chat with three men who are a perfect example of ARTIEM values: Dani Molina, Martí Riera and Mathieu Nieuwland. Three friends of ARTIEM who know the true meaning of the word "overcoming."


Dani Molina: Paralympic Triathlon World Champion

The first of them, Dani Molina, suffered a motorcycle accident when he was only 22 years old and consequently lost one leg. He began to practice sport as an escape route and gradually became his main motivation and way of life: “everything is for me. It has taught me sacrifice, effort, companionship and many values. ” And so, with this desire and enthusiasm that emerges, has been proclaimed for the third consecutive year World Champion of Paralympic Triathlon in Switzerland and is a regular of the ARTIEM Half Menorca.


Martí Riera: long distance swimmer

Martí Riera suffered an accident in 2007 that him in a wheelchair. He started swimming as part of his rehabilitation and quickly realized that in the water he felt great and whole again. He didn't need his wheelchair at the sea or in the pool, so he enjoyed long distance journeys. His last great challenge has been to swim from Menorca to Mallorca, a 39km route. “When something like this happens to you, you feel as if you fell into a 10-meter pit, where you have to decide if you want to stay there or try to climb out. I decided to head up, pull forward and I am very happy to have done it” he acknowledges.


Mathieu Nieuwland: triathlete and Ironman 

Last but not least, we have Mathieu Nieuwland, partner and head of the ARTIEM Sports team at ARTIEM Audax. He is an athlete who, in addition to being loyal to the ARTIEM Half Menorca race, has conquered other titles such as Ironman Mallorca 2016. His chronic illness, which impairs his ability to see progressively, has not prevented him from reaching new goals and enjoying life. "Fighting? There is no doubt. You have to fight, life is beautiful, ”he says.

These three stories of growth are an inspiration and an injection of motivation. They invite us to continue, like them, fighting and appreciating the good things in life, such as sports. And the ARTIEM Half Menorca is the perfect excuse to enjoy a shared passion each year.