Effort, overcoming, passion... are some of the ARTIEM's values, closely linked to sport and triathlon. We tell you more about it!

This is the eighth year since the ARTIEM team crossed the finish line of the ARTIEM Half Menorca for the first time, a historical race on the island. Last year we decided to strengthen our commitment to this competition and became the main sponsors of the event. It couldn´t be otherwise, as after all this time we felt a special connection with this race and wanted to become a part of it.


Freshpeople are identified by living a healthy life linked to sports, which led us to participate for the first time in the ARTIEM Half Menorca. That was eight years ago and, since then, both our passion and the team have grown progressively. We like to share what makes us happy and sports definitely do.

values ARTIEM

Therefore, last year we decided to go a step further and consolidate our commitment to sport and, in particular, to the Half Menorca triathlon, formerly known as ExtremeMan and now called ARTIEM Half Menorca.  

Half Menorca, a very important and well-known race on the island, is the competition for lovers of either full triathlon or any of its three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. The competition has now become, also, a fundamental pillar of its ARTIEM´s values ​​and our commitment to a healthy and active life.


For this reason, it´s important to point out those values ​​that, from this family of athletes, we consider to be key to take part in the ARTIEM Half Menorca 2018:

  • Self-confidence. Believing in our strengths and being aware of our weaknesses, it is possible to overcome the challenge of preparing and ending –and enjoying- a triathlon.
  • Passion. Happiness as the main goal from the beginning to the end. We try to savor every second of the experience.
  • Leadership. Something fundamental to succeed both in sports and in many other parts of our lives.
  • Innovation. Any challenge demands new things from us in order to be able to succeed.
  • Overcoming. Preparing this race requires constant work. We will need the best of ourselves and improve daily.
  • Integration. Those of us who practice triathlon frequently say that, more than a sport, this is a way of life.

All the members of the team have unforgettable memories related to triathlon and what it has given to us, both individually and collectively. Our first competition, training, team-working, etc. The moments that shape the history of ARTIEM Hotels in the ARTIEM Half Menorca are plenty.


As part of our values, we also believe in the importance of sharing, that's why we invite all sports lovers to join the ARTIEM team and crossing the finish line together. For this, we offer two packages that include the stay, the transfers to the race, technical talks ... Check them out if you want to be part of this beautiful adventure with us.

Throughout the years, the ARTIEM team has been growing through the union of the staff, but also of clients from different parts of Spain. In the last edition, it was 40 people who individually or as a team, faced the race and tried to cross the finish line of the exciting triathlon Half Menorca.


Want to dream big and join the Artiem Half Menorca 2018? Dive into the spirit of this competition, its landscapes and sensations by visiting its official social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) and don´t hesitate anymore: take part!