Discover the software behind all management processes of the ARTIEM hotels: QuoHotel.

Behind every room reservation, check-in at the reception desk or the wine that you drink at the hotel bar there is a technology that allows us to connect everything and offer you and all our customers a quality service. In ARTIEM, for some time, we have worked closely with QuoHotel, a software that provides us with all the necessary tools to manage our hotel establishments in Menorca and Madrid.

It takes a lot of work for everything to work in a hotel, a great team and an effective technology that connects all this. We chose QuoHotel as a technological partner of ARTIEM since its system responded to all our needs and has facilitated the integration of all the pieces that conform our chain.

"It allows us to adapt to changes, to the needs of our customers and, ultimately, to grow as a company," says José Guillermo Díaz, CEO of ARTIEM, in the video that QuoHotel has made about our work as a whole.  

The PMS of QuoHotel works as an integrated database with all the information of each department that forms each ARTIEM hotel. Thus, since we work with it, we can control all areas of the hotel management in an efficient, agile and fully integrated manner.

For example, when a client scans his room card accessing our restaurants we can see in a PDA his name, nationality and the regime in which he is in the hotel. This, of course, greatly facilitates day-to-day operations, allows us to be more productive and to offer a better service to every client that visits us.  

Thanks to all this, we have the power to control in detail all the information of the business process from a single platform and offer a quality service that makes ARTIEM one of the best hotels in Spain.

With the help of QuoHotel we are also incorporating a new Business Intelligence module, based on Big Data technology, which will allow us to better know our clients and offer them personalized experiences. "The future of the business is to standardize but to personalize and in this task technology is a fundamental element to capture all that information and transform it into knowledge", adds José Guillermo Díaz.   Do not miss the video that we have done with them, in which we talk sum up all the benefits that this tool offers us: