Take the opportunity to make a trip through the Principality of Asturias and discover the beauty and charm of its villages.

Are you looking for ideas for an Asturias getaway? This land boasts some of the most beautiful towns and landscapes in Spain, a superb gastronomy and the best hosts to enjoy unforgettable days. What more could one ask for?

Go north to enjoy the mountains covered in green and white, the fresh air of the Bay of Biscay and a good fabada that will warm your body when temperatures drop. Walk the coast, the valleys, the lakes ... and discover the most charming villages to make an Asturias getaway.

In these five towns you will find the beauty and charm of the north: landscapes, mountains, coastline, gastronomy, culture... And, also, if you feel tired after a long day of activities and need to rest, you can now enjoy ARTIEM in Asturias in our new hotel near Gijón. In ARTIEM Asturias you will find the perfect refuge for your Asturias getaway, you can also enjoy promotions in Asturias. We have 45 fully equipped rooms, a restaurant (The Green), a bar (Piano Bar), two meeting rooms, a full SPA, gym, three paddle courts, parking and a splendid garden.

Gastronomy-wise, especially in the Restaurant The Green, we wanted to make a tribute to this land by valuing some of its tastiest dishes and ingredients but with a modern and innovative touch, ARTIEM style. Honest, simple and authentic cuisine based on Asturian seasonal produce and cuisine. Delicious!

To help you create your route, we have chosen 5 charming villages in Asturias that you cannot miss. Don´t worry, whatever you choose, you will love it!:


1. Cangas de Onís

cangas de onis

In this beautiful inland town you will find its famous Roman bridge dating from the High Middle Ages, although it is based on another from the Roman era. From it hangs the Cross of Victory, symbol of Asturias.

Strolling through the town you will fall in love with its stone and wooden houses wrapped in a natural landscape, creating the perfect balance between town and nature. Don´t forget to visit a sidrería (cider house) and enjoy a nice talk with the locals. 


2. Taramundi


During a romantic Asturias getaway, Taramundi is a must. This small charming town located in the westernmost part of the province, seems to be taken from a story where the protagonists are the water that goes down the stream moving mills, the slate that dresses the houses, the greenery of the forests that surround it and the brightness of hundreds of knives that are produced in the zone thanks to the good hands of the "ferreiros" (blacksmiths, in the local language).

In the area there are many interesting museums about the crafts and gastronomy of the area. If you have time, don´t hesitate to pay a visit!


3. Pola de Somiedo

pola de somiedo

Image: www.visitsomiedo.com

If you are all about nature, mountains and animals, then you should head to La Pola de Somiedo. Upon arrival you will have the feeling of getting into one of the most rural places of Asturias, finding 240 inhabitants. This small town is located within the Natural Park of Somiedo, declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. The area boasts a breathtaking beauty and is home to the only population of brown bears in all Asturias. Put your boots on and get out to trek some of the routes in the area! Our recommendation is for you to visit the famous Lagos de Saliencia. Later, when returning to the town, get your energies back trying the local products.


4. Bulnes


Image: guiadeasturias.com

In the heart of the Picos de Europa region lies the town of Bulnes, which can only be accessed by climbing a funicular that crosses the mountain from one side to the other. This is why, during winter time, the population gets significantly reduced although the landscape, usually dressed in white at this time, multiplies its beauty. From this point you will be able to face impressive hiking routes, such as the Urriellu Peak, where the views are simply stunning.


5. Cudillero

Image: www.traveler.es

On your trip to Asturias you should consider visiting one of its beautiful fishing villages at the foot of the Bay of Biscay. There are many and all of them are very pretty, although perhaps the best known is Cudillero for offering one of the most typical pictures of the Asturian coast: colorful houses, placed in the form of a natural amphitheater overlooking the sea. They are the typical fishermen's houses that every afternoon dock in the port with the day catches and then auction them in the local lonja (fish market). Just one more of the things to do in Asturias.

Again: what more could one ask for?