Did you know that Asturias is full of hiking trails? Discover the landscape of this region traveling its paths and enjoying its wonderful nature.

The hiking trails in Asturias are one of the area´s main attractions both for locals and foreigners since the region is full of roads that lead to unique places. Walking, connecting with nature, animal watching, enjoying a fresh culín of cider next to the river (while the bottle gets cold inside) ... is there any better plan?

If you´re planning a getaway to Asturias, make sure to save at least one day for hiking. Whichever route you choose (there are many), hiking in Asturias it will help you understand the reason why this land is considered a “natural paradise”. And not only that, you will also come into contact with an important part of the identity and culture of Asturians: the countryside, livestock, mountain, bears ...

In order for you not to get lost and walk safely through some of the most beautiful routes in Asturias, we have prepared this small guide. Pay attention and prepare your boots, you will put them to good use!


The 6 best hiking trails in Asturias


1. La Ñora Route

La Ñora Route

Image: www.turismoasturias.es

The river will mark the path of this beautiful route that crosses forests of oaks, willows or elders in the area of ​​Gijón. Take the opportunity to search, as you walk, the traces of wild boars, foxes, roe deer and yew, which are usually common in the area. After about 5 kilometers of walking, you will arrive at La Ñora beach where you will find a large dune and jurassic rocks.

This route is one of the closest to ARTIEM Asturias, so you can consult our reception team any information you need to enjoy this beautiful path.


2. Tabayón de Mongayo Route

From the town of Tarna, which is about an hour and a half drive from Gijón, the route of Tabayón de Mongayo begins. This road runs through a beautiful beech forest that in autumn dresses its best clothes. However, the jewel of this hiking trail is the Cascada’l Tabayón: an impressive waterfall that, despite not boasting much flow, impresses for its scenery. The road is 11 kilometers long total, with a low level of difficulty.


3. Covadonga Lakes Route

Covadonga Lakes Route

Another of the classics in terms of Asturias hiking trails is the one that runs along the Covadonga Lakes. It´s a small circular route, about 5 kilometers long, that runs between the famous Ercina Lakes and Enol Lake. Since you are in the area, make sure to visit the Sanctuary of La Virgen de Covadonga and discover the history it hides.


4. Route of the Xanas

Another Asturias excursion that you should not miss is the route of the Xanas. It is one of the best known in the region, but its fame is well deserved. A simple path will take you through the Xanas Gorge, overlooking a deep crevasse that cuts the Sierra del Aramo. After going through a rocky part, you will enter a beautiful forest. Keep in mind that although the road is only 3.8 kilometers you will have to do the round trip, so it can take about eight hours to complete the tour. Still, it is definitely worth the effort to discover one of the best hiking trails in Asturias.


5. Route of Cares

Have you visited the Picos de Europa area? Discover them with the route of Cares that runs between the towns of Cain and Poncebos. Walk along the river gorge through a path carved directly into the rocks of the mountains. This wonderful journey is one of the most spectacular in all Spain and Europe.


6. Saliencia Lakes Route

Saliencia Lakes Route

Discover the wonderful Somiedo National Park, one of the last brown bear shelters. Start in the town of Saliencia to reach Alto de la Farrapona and from there walk to the three lakes. It is a fairly simple route and along all the way you will enjoy good views. Keep your eyes wide open because it's easy for you to see chamois and deer running through the mountains.


As you can see, there are numerous hiking routes in Asturias. Choose one, read all the info and get ready for the hike! Remember to always wear good shoes, check the weather forecast beforehand and bring enough water with you and a snack for the road. And don't forget your camera!