At ARTIEM Hotels, we are thrilled to announce that we have been re-certified as a BCorp Company. This makes us a leader in the European hotel sector and among the top five worldwide.

This recognition reflects our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on people and the environment, consolidating our position as a standard bearer in promoting a fairer, more equitable and regenerative society.

Our philosophy is based on profitability through developing a model focused on caring for people and the environment. Re-certification as a BCorp Company is a significant achievement for us. It makes us a benchmark in promoting sustainable business practices globally.

Since our founding in 1974, ARTIEM has aspired to build a fairer, more equitable society. Pepe Díaz Montañés, ARTIEM Hotels’ Founding CEO, says: “ARTIEM’s purpose is inspiring people to be happy, now and in future generations. This recognition encourages us to continue making a positive impact on people and the environment, while sticking to a profitable business model.” The Bcorp movement, which brings together companies and individuals that are committed to tackling social inequalities and injustices, has found a strong ally in ARTIEM. ARTIEM demonstrates that it is possible and necessary to create value for workers, for the communities where we are located, for the environment and for our shareholders.

In a polarised, challenging social context, we at ARTIEM identify BCorp as a movement that not only inspires, but also provides clear guidance. By joining forces with other companies and people who share similar ideals, we seek to carry the torch forwards into a new economy.

Becoming re-certified as a BCorp Company is the result of our ongoing commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. We are proud to be recognised for the second time. Join us here at ARTIEM on this journey towards a better future, where positive impact drives innovation and sustainable growth.

Discover the details of our (re)certification here.

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