Finding happiness and balance in a world with intense routines can become a purpose that is difficult to fulfil. Do away with those negative feelings and “declutter your life” with these 6 tips!

As Viktor Frankl said, “It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness”. We can continue to ask for it as a birthday wish, but we must also work every day to achieve it. The key is to advance step by step, without stress. 

A fundamental part of the path to balance and happiness starts in our daily routine and how we organise it. The “decluttering” philosophy promoted by the famous Marie Kondo is the answer and the solution to such a significant step. 


What is decluttering?

But what is decluttering? It can be summed up in three words: reducing, detaching and organising all the clutter you have and do not need. It sounds very simple, but that is the real reason. We often think that the more thinks we have, the happier we’ll be, but it’s quite the opposite because we often become slaves to material things


So, the essence of decluttering is focused on facing that lack of order and chaos that weighs us down by “letting go to be happy” and live a more austere life by getting rid of everything that is really unnecessary and brings absolutely no value to our life. And not only are we referring to organising our home, but also everything that disrupts our day-to-day routine, such as work, relations or even our digital lifestyle. 

You may ask yourself what benefits does decluttering bring for people. Well, there are quite a few. It brings order to your home and your life, helps reduce anxiety and stress, saves time and money, increases your self-esteem and something that will make you happy; it means you have fewer things to clean up in your daily life. Moreover, decluttering not only benefits people, but also the planet because adopting a more conscious consumption helps to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Whichever way you look at it, it's a win-win.


How to practise Decluttering at home?

If you want to start organising your life, let’s get to work and start by having a healthy, clear, organised mind thanks to the Decluttering philosophy and these 6 tips that will help you discover the benefits of detachment.


1. Find the best version of yourself

what is decluttering

To deal with change, the most important thing is to feel good and at peace with yourself. It will help you face this new stage with optimism and lower the levels of stress and anxiety that can appear in times of change.

One of the most recommended forms is practising mindfulness, which will help you live consciously in the present moment. And if you need some help, we have for you the best mindfullness techniques to start applying them now.

2. Boxes, boxes and more boxes

decluttering what is it

The next thing you need to start organising are some large boxes; in actual fact, 4. Why 4 and no more? Because the idea is for us to keep only what’s essential. 

The chaos in your home affects your life, and the boxes will help you solve this problem. This system consists of assigning a specific function to each box:


  • Box 1: for those things that cannot be given a second life.

  • Box 2: for those things that can be given away, sold or exchanged.

  • Box 3: for those items that are important but can be left in the storage room and help free up space.

  • Box 4: for reorganising those special, important things that will remain in your home. 


3. Tidy up your wardrobe with essential outfits

decluttering wardrobe

Although you might not realise it, a large part of our daily stress comes from deciding what to wear each day. We waste hours and hours on this, hours that we could invest in a different type of activity that will make us feel good. 

Mind you, we’re not suggesting that you empty your wardrobe and throw away your favourite clothes, but simply that you only keep what you really like and use. You’ll soon see how your life changes when you stop saying “I don't know what to wear”.

How to do this? By spring-cleaning, getting rid of things you don't use and organising and reordering your wardrobe. With these three simple steps, you’ll not only have an organised space, you’ll also discover new, amazing outfits. 

4. Declutter and divide up your pantry

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Let those who are not tempted to buy delicious things whenever they enter a supermarket cast the first stone. Well, in this case, let them throw the first product that is past its sell-by date. Because that’s what happens when you hoard things in the pantry; you forget they exist and end up throwing them out. 

How to avoid this problem? Easy:

  • By cleaning the pantry thoroughly (and conscientiously).

  • Eliminate all foods that are no longer fit for consumption.

  • Buy glass jars or containers made from sustainable materials to organise the food.

  • Divide the pantry into sections. 


5. Tables are tables, not cupboards

dejar ir para ser feliz

It’s OK to put things on tables, but it’s not OK to leave papers, pens and notebooks on them, especially work desks. Organising your work desk will not only allow you to work more easily, you’ll also see that your concentration and productivity will start to increase. A clear, tidy desk is synonymous with a clear mind. 

Tip: look for an agenda that meets your needs and make it your best work companion. You’ll soon be free of the sheets and post-its that once hampered your work routine. 

Oh! And don't forget to organise your computer and digital desktop. Create folders and tags for the documents you need and send those you don’t straight to the trash. 


6. Work as a team and celebrate your achievements

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Feeling supported is a fundamental part of change, so include in this process the persons who form part of your life and tell them what you need from them in order to practise this new lifestyle. 

And above all, celebrate! Not everyone can take such an important decision as gaining control of their life in order to reach a true state of happiness. For this reason, take one step at a time, set yourself short-term goals and when you achieve them, celebrate and feel happy about what you're doing. And you know you can always celebrate with ARTIEM in one of our spas. There’s always time for pampering and relaxation ;)


There are many other tips that will help you work on the decluttering technique, but we at ARTIEM believe it's important to enjoy the process and transform it into a lifestyle. We are sure that the path to happiness doesn't lead to material things, but to experiences and moments. 

Well, can't you wait any longer to start living a decluttered life? Here are a few books and documentaries that will inspire you and help you take that first step. 



  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo.

  • Pon tu vida en orden, by Alicia Iglesias Galán.

  • Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying, by Melissa Michaels.

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