Looking for home exercise routines you can do at home? At ARTIEM Hotels we share our professional experts’ experience with you.

In the context of the situation we live in these days, with this state of confinement in our homes, maintaining that balance with our body and mind can be quite a challenge. From ARTIEM we firmly believe in the need to continue moving, in this case with a home exercise routine.

Mariano Medina, a personal trainer and the manager of Club ARTIEM Asturias, as part of the Freshpeople family, wants to benefit from these days of uncertainty and isolation at home to do his bit by providing us with exercises we can do without leaving home.

In general, we have quite a sedentary lifestyle. Any excuse will do to be able to say: “I’ll start tomorrow, next week, or on the first of the month”. The time for excuses is over. Now, the moment has come.

To ensure that we do not procrastinate, it is important to stick to a routine: get up early and at the same time, have breakfast, work and set aside an hour for exercise every day. In this unusual situation we can divide it into 30 minutes each in the morning and afternoon.

It is ideal to do high-intensity exercises, rather than a single exercise lasting a long time. These are exercises with a great amount of effort accompanied by short rest breaks. This activity allows us to burn more fat. But before that, we should always start with two muscle-toning exercises accompanied by a brief rest. And then a high intensity exercise.

An example of a routine might be:

  1. Starting with 20 repetitions of lifting a litre of milk using your biceps
  2. Then, another 20 repetitions leaning on a chair and stretching your arm behind your back to work on your triceps.
  3. Finish up with a high-intensity exercise such as burpees, that consists of squatting, doing a push-up, standing up and then simultaneously jumping and clapping above your head.

Next, Mariano teaches us different routines and exercises to practice these days at home:

These home exercise routines are perfect for taking care of our body and mind, and allow us to stay active and energetic, which is very important to better manage the complicated situation in which we find ourselves. And as our colleague Mariano says, "if we manage to keep this up for the whole of this period, we will come out of it stronger and healthier”.“

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