Fear is a necessary emotion that has been losing its utility as our species has evolved. That is why it is advisable to know how to control it and overcome it in order to achieve success. Here we give you the keys to get it.

In The art of living without fear, the Italian journalist Gabriele Romagnoli explains that there is courage must not be considered so much as an idea, but as an act, as something we can show in our lives. Romagnoli brings down to earth abstract concepts. He prefers not to focus his analysis on fear but on the transforming power of courage.

Fear has saved many lives. It fulfills a biological function to get away from danger and paralyze us when we face it. This, in the past, could be a great advantage against possible threats. Being paralyzed is the best way to deal with territorial animals such as bears and elephants and is also a way to go unnoticed by predators. But the truth is that, in our day to day, we are rarely going to meet a bear, so the value of this emotion has been evolutionarily reduced. Fear is, above all, a thing of the past.

ways to conquer fear

It's not that much about a need of suppressing our fears, but the need to assume them, to learn to manage them, to overcome them. But how can we overcome fear? Experience tells us that by facing it.

On the promotional tour of her latest movie, A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga never repeated time after time that this title had helped her face her fears. The artist, winner of nine Grammy Awards, 13 MTV Music Awards, an Oscar and two Golden Globes, claimed to be an insecure person who only manages to overcome that insecurity through the support of her fans. On the same promotional tour, its director and supporting partner, actor Bradley Cooper, claimed to be “terrified” of having to sing next to the pop diva.

Scenic panic is common among actors and singers; In fact, many answered the question of how to overcome the fear of public speaking by climbing on stage.

how to overcome fear and anxiety

Self-help expert Lee Colan, author of 15 books, proposes a new ways to conquer fear: analyzing its causes. “If you are afraid of flying, it can be a symptom of a great need for control. Therefore, when you don't have it, as is the case of being on a plane, it can cause you strong anxiety”, says the author. Thus the fears of failure, public speaking or criticism denote a certain insecurity and that is the ability that we should strengthen to achieve success in our workplace or private life. The desire to overcome is, therefore, a necessary value to face our ghosts. It is, because of all these reasons, one of ​​Artiem culture´s main values.

We know what it is, but how to overcome your fears? Some experts choose to follow eight steps. We must assume that fear is there; focus on the worst part; admit that you are not in control; stop depending on your social circle; confront fears and avoid them; expand your perception; learn to distinguish between fear and anxiety; and, finally, remember something so obvious that sometimes we forget: that fear is subjective, relative and that it does not generate anything good. Unless you face a bear, of course.