ARTIEM HOTELS´S INSTAGRAM COMPETITION Load a picture onto YOUR personal profile and tag us with @artiemfreshpeople to win a prize. Every week, one picture will be choosen between all those posted on Instagram.

Concurso-instagram-artiem-hotels The winner will be elected every Monday:

  • Between all the pictures that were tagged with @artiemfreshpeople*

  • The competition will last 1 week; from Monday to Sunday.

  • Each Monday at 9 am the winner of the past week will be elected.

  • The competition will begin on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016**. The first results will be published on the 8th of August at 9 am.

  • You are the judge: 1 @like is a vote. The picture which gets the most “like” and “comments” will be the winner.

  • In the case that we have 2 pictures with the same numbers of likes and number of comments, both we will be considered winners.

  • The prizes consist of a variety of experiences at Artiem Hotels such as a thermal circuit at the Blue Spa of the Hotel Artiem Audax, a kayak tour with Sport & Nature, a cocktail at any of our Artiem hotels, access to the spa of Artiem Capri or Artiem Carlos III, a breakfast in the Slow Lounge of Artiem Madrid … For those that are not in Menorca or Madrid we have other type of prizes such as an Artiem Freshpeople cap, a luggage tag, a T-shirt, etc.

  If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us or call one of our hotels receptions.   *Pictures must be in line with Artiem style, otherwise they will be removed from the competition. **The competition will finish on the 3r of Octobre 2016, with the election of the last winner.