Music, film, theatre, street festivals … Madrid’s cultural offerings grow every summer! Check out all the options and plan your getaway in the capital.

Madrid never sleeps … especially not in summer! Quite the opposite: in July, August and September the city brims with life, activities, concerts, street festivals and a never-ending array of the most tempting things to do. If you want to catch every one of the upcoming events in Madrid, get out your agenda and start planning your trip!

Madrid’s abundant cultural offerings multiply even more in summer to keep Madrid-dwellers who stay in the capital entertained along with anyone who has come to discover the city. The best thing is there are options for all tastes: relaxing concerts in the Botanical Gardens, open-air films around the city and local street dances so you can discover first hand the most authentic Madrid.

With this Madrid cultural agenda, who could resist the capital this summer? Take a look at some of these scheduled events:


Los Veranos de la Villa (City Summers)

  • Date: July and August.
  • Venue: different venues.

Madrid’s pleasant summer nights are perfect for enjoying open-air concerts, dance and theatre performances … in such special venues as the Royal Palace’s Sabatini Gardens. Veranos de la Villa is a programme of activities that has become a classic in July and August in Madrid. Every night the event takes place in a different spot with fresh invited artists. It is a luxury to enjoy so much art and culture during these months!


Noches del Botánico (Botanical Nights)

  • Date: July.
  • Venue: UCM Botanical Gardens

“Experience music in nature” is the motto for this original initiative that has been running in the capital for several summers. The Botanical Nights are concerts in the original setting of the Madrid Botanical Gardens held at night. This is a unique, must-do event for lovers of quality music, who will be lucky enough to enjoy outstanding national and international artists.


Universal Music Festival

  • Date: July.
  • Venue: El Teatro Real.

Once again, a music concert cycle yet in another luxury setting: the Royal Theatre. The Universal Music Festival has become a reference point in Madrid’s cultural agenda during the summer, since it is committed to top-class programming. This year the line-up includes: The World of Hans Zimmer, Miguel Ríos “Symphonic Ríos”, Niña Pastori, Gregory Porter, Martin Garrix and more.


Mad Cool Festival

  • Date: From 12 to 14 July.
  • Venue: Espacio Mad Cool.

The Mad Cool Festival has become one of the most famous music festivals in the Madrid cultural agenda. Every year the line-up of artists selected gets better, while the number of attendees grows. This year the headliner acts are: Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Depeche Mode and Pearl Jam.


San Cayetano and San Lorenzo Festivals

  • Date: 7 and 10 August.
  • Venue: Lavapiés neighbourhood.

Come dance a chotis in the street and party! The Lavapiés neighbourhood transforms itself in August to celebrate its famous festivals. They begin on the 7th and continue for several days. The second most important date in the festival calendar is 10 August, San Lorenzo, when Lavapiés Square and Argumosa Street are packed with tables, benches, music and a festive atmosphere.


Verbena de la Paloma

  • Dates: 15 August,
  • Venue: La Latina neighbourhood.

From festival to festival, we head to La Latina! The neighbourhood holds its party for the Virgen de la Paloma (Virgin of the Dove) every year on 15 August. Streets are decorated, people get excited and a festive atmosphere reigns. Once again, the streets become improvised bars with tables and benches where you can have a drink while the dancing goes crazy.

Dcode Festival

  • Date: 8 September.
  • Venue: Complutense University Campus.

For one night, the university’s rugby field becomes the setting for one of the most fun music festivals in the city. The Dcode Festival is now in its eighth year, and this year the line-up is phenomenal: Imagine Dragons, Izal, Bastille, Sidonie and more.

You got that? If you’re visiting the capital during these months, make sure you check out Madrid’s varied cultural agenda and take in some of these special events. They are unique offerings that can only be experienced on summer nights.