As we do every year, here we publish a document detailing our commitment to society and to ourselves.

Having reflected upon things, unlike 2021, the document we are presenting is no longer a Sustainability Report but a Positive Impact Report.
It arises from the conviction that along with our guiding purpose, “Inspiring people to be happy”, our business can positively impact our environment, society and all our stakeholders whilst also making us more competitive. And this is intended to create a virtuous circle feeding back on itself.
In the end our aspiration is to show that a better business for the world is possible, and to achieve this we have modelled it on what we call our ARTIEM Positive Impact System.
We are at the beginning of a long, demanding yet exciting road which we certainly cannot travel alone. It is a job for us all. This is our small contribution, but over all a sign of our firm commitment.

Pepe Díaz




Download our Positive Impact Report at and discover how each of us can be part of the change we want to see for both our society and the planet.