During the autumn and winter months, the sun sets earlier and the days get shorter, colder, and rainier. Some people experience subtle changes in their mood, energy and sleep habits when the seasons change. That’s why during this time of the year, we have to switch up our routines to help reduce stress and anxiety. Take our advice!

The coldest time of the year is the time to take care of ourselves. The feeling of wearing warm socks and sitting next to the fire is, for many, one of the best feelings. That’s what this post is about - finding those lovely moments that help us combat stress and anxiety during winter. 


The Best Ideas to Combat Stress and Anxiety in the Colder Months 

The best cure is prevention. We already know how stress can affect our health; if we know that as shorter, colder days arrive our stress and anxiety levels increase, we have to create a plan to combat it. These are some of the simplest and most effective ways to spend winter in the best way possible: 

  • Attitude changes everything: let’s start at the beginning: attitude. Without effort, we won’t see results, so the key is to maintain a positive attitude. To be happy, we have to want to be happy. That’s why we must train our brain to be more receptive to good stimuli and that means working and training like we would for any sport. A positive attitude has a good effect on our health: it helps to better manage stress or anxiety, prevents certain illnesses and prolongs life. 

Here’s an exercise: learn to visualise your dreams. If you want to maintain a positive mind and attitude and think about good things, you can start by imagining them. This technique is known as creative visualisation and consists of using the imagination to make our dreams come true. Let’s start there. 

winter stress and anxiety

  • Sleep and rest well: resting is just as important as exercising. That’s why it’s essential to acquire good sleeping habits. Some people think that resting is a waste of time, but it's not; sleeping has positive effects on health and you feel brand new after a siesta. Sleeping at least seven hours at night lengthens your life, rejuvenates you, gives you energy and provides mental clarity. All this helps eliminate stress and anxiety during winter and our day-to-day life. Find moments during your weekends to take a nap and start to understand the importance of sleeping well and creating your bedtime routine. 

  • Stop. Breathe. Relax: we can do three things during just one activity: hatha yoga. We can practise this discipline at home or in a studio and it helps us connect with ourselves and therefore prevent stress and anxiety. Hatha yoga is a complete, traditional practice that seeks to connect the body and the mind. It helps us liberate ourselves from stress, practicing breathing and meditation. 

In general, exercise is positive and necessary for a healthy life and during the coldest and darkest months of the year, yoga is a very good option, especially because it helps connect the mind and body. 

If you’re in Asturias and you’re unsure about starting alone, you’re in luck. You can join a group and enjoy yoga and other wellbeing classes as part of Asturias Se Mueve. Sometimes you just need a little push. 

yoga to relax

Take care of your body: it’s completely necessary to get out every day and disconnect to then be able to reconnect with the important things and feelings in life. A cosy place where we can go every once in a while to be taken care of is a spa. Allowing ourselves a rest is just as important as working out and visiting a wellness centre is a way of thanking our bodies for everything they let us do. There are lots of reasons to visit a spa, but here are just three: 

  • Short-term physical benefits: you only need one visit to a spa to feel like new thanks to the various treatments you can enjoy. In the Petit Spa in Mahón, for example, you can receive massages, body treatments and facials from the hands of experts that will make sure you leave feeling brand new, inside and out. 

  • Psychological benefits: focusing on our body and forgetting about everything else makes us feel more relaxed and that is priceless. When you visit a spa and immerse yourself in a treatment, enjoying and relaxing, you can forget about your day-to-day life and just live in the moment. 

  • Aesthetic benefits: when we decide to go to a spa, we don’t do it just to look better, but there are activities and body treatments that can achieve a better look. For example, at the Petit Spa in Mahón, you can choose from body peelings, anti-cellulite treatments and even a chocolate wrap. It’s a fail-safe plan and is one of the best treatments for stress and anxiety because it leaves us more relaxed, reconnected, and feeling better inside and out. 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with ARTIEM this Winter 

Going to a spa is a good option for renewing your body and mind at the same time. At ARTIEM, we invite you to take time for yourself during these chilly months and come and get to know two of our spas that are open throughout the winter: 

  • Le Petit Spa de Mahón is at ARTIEM Capri, a place where you can enjoy the pool, jacuzzi and sauna surrounded by unforgettable views to disconnect and once again find the important feelings and things in life.

  • The Spa at ARTIEM Asturias is one of the most complete oases of relaxation and wellbeing throughout the country. The Spa at ARTIEM Asturias is a completely new experience where you can enjoy improved treatments, rituals and general relaxation. We invite you to discover more than 500m2 of space dedicated to your wellbeing with a wide range of treatments and activities. You’ll find an exclusive thermal circuit and a relaxation zone with infrared chairs. Come see and enjoy the feeling of pure relaxation at the SPA’s installations and you’ll get your balance back. It’s the best therapy to combat stress and anxiety during winter. 

Both options encourage you to jump into wellness to renew your body and mind and feel better both inside and out. Are you ready? We’re waiting for you.