Time is limited so make sure to organize it properly by being efficient at work and allowing yourself some free time to do what you enjoy.

Although it´s been years since we don´t go to school, September still produces that "back to school" feeling: thinking again about the routine, the responsibilities ... but, above all, work. Although it´s not easy to leave the sunny days and summer nights behind, rediscovering normality can also be pleasant. How? The best way by having a positive attitude, focusing on the good things of your day to day and improving your time management in order to have some space for yourself.  

Going back to the routine with a smile is essential. It´s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the positive energies that the summer has given us to stay motivated and happy when being back at the office. It´s in your hands to decide how you want to face your daily life, but remember that the things we do with joy and positive attitude are usually much more pleasant and fun. Apply this mindset on your return and see how it turns out!

It´s proven that having a good humor at work increases productivity, motivation, well-being and, at the same time, reduces stress and absenteeism. Being happy in our workplace will have a positive impact on other aspects of our lives and, in addition, will most likely make us better professionals and individuals.  

It´s also important, when returning to work, to keep your personal life very present and save time to do the things that you like most. Avoid getting lost in the boring routine and find time to read a book, go to the movies or just go for a walk. This way you will recover that feeling of vacation ... Nonetheless, to achieve it, you will have to manage the time to live better.

Managing your time better, both at work and outside of it, will allow you to reduce the hours you dedicate to responsibilities, tasks, errands ... and have the rest available to do what you like most. Finding this balance will allow you to be happier and more satisfied with yourself.  

Add this to your list of purposes for this course and follow these tips for better time management:


1. Organize your time with an agenda

Whether in a traditional paper agenda or in a digital one in your mobile phone, make sure to plan and write down everything you are going to do during the day, week or month. Include everything from work meetings to personal appointments in order to know how much time you actually have. Good planning reduces interruptions and allows you to make the most of every day.


2. If it takes less than two minutes, do it now

This is one of productivity´s most important rules, as it helps solving tasks quicker and its great advantage is that it is very simple: if it takes less than two minutes to finish what you have to do, do it right away. It seems obvious, but we usually do it the other way around and leave simpler things for later. This will reduce the list of pending things and you will feel more relaxed and have more free time. What about the things that take longer? Plan them on the agenda and work on them progressively.


3. Difference between urgent and important

Surely not all the tasks that you have on your table are equally urgent or equally important; Therefore, it is very important that you learn to establish the priority of each of them based on these two aspects. To do this, use the Urgency and Importance diagram that will help you categorize them and advance your work without stress. The matrix contains two dimensions: important-not important and urgent-not urgent; and by combining them we obtain four quadrants. Place the tasks in each quadrant, updating them as you advance and you will see the results.

4. Reduce distractions  

Distractions are the main enemy of an optimal time management: internet, smartphones, talking on the phone... Look for a quiet work space and try to avoid temptation. The most advisable thing is to establish periods of time during which you focus totally on work, taking small breaks in between to check your email and everything else.


5. Be realistic and do not put pressure on yourself

Time limited, so don´t try to do more than you rationally can because that will only generate frustration and stress. It´s better to organize your time in a realistic way, trying to finish the day with your to-do list completed and saving a little time for yourself. You will be much happier and, more importantly, more efficient.

Managing time better will make your return to to work much more bearable and allow that summer happiness you have reached to last throughout the winter. So you now you know how it goes! Improve your time management by being productive in the office and making the most out of your free time.